Date – dream interpretation

We often associate a date with a specific appointment – birthday, exam, death anniversary, doctor’s visit or simply an important appointment. We can’t get this date out of our heads during the day and we might even see it in our dreams at night.

Next Monday, the first working day of the week, is always a date that is universally loathed. Wednesday, on the other hand, marks the middle of the regular working week and is therefore welcomed: because half of the work has already been done and the weekend is approaching! Friday the 13th is a date that has a special meaning as an unlucky day. April 1st encourages us to play pranks on those around us.

But is it just anticipation or perhaps fear that makes us see this date in our sleep? What does the dream interpretation know about the dream symbol “date”?

Dream symbol “date” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees the dream symbol “date”, then according to the general dream interpretation he should be reminded of something special. This can have both a positive and a negative meaning. Perhaps the dreamer in the waking world tries in vain to remember a special event in his life or he knows a specific one Deadline something specific is supposed to happen in the future. Then the desired date can appear in the dream, as the subconscious sends its message in this way.

In general dream interpretation, a date as a dream symbol also contains a request to the dreamer about the individual Numbers of the date think more closely. Both the individual numbers and the groups of numbers can be significant and contain a message. The dream symbol “numbers” should therefore also be used for a more in-depth dream interpretation.

If the dreamer sees a historically important date in the dream, it should above all be his emotional state observed in relation to this date. It can provide him with conclusions about his current behavior and feelings in the waking world.

The “disaster date 9-11”, for example, does not necessarily have to be a bad sign for the dreamer. Rather, the general dream interpretation interprets this as an expression of the dreamer’s feeling of fear about an upcoming event in the waking world.

Dream symbol “date” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, numbers, including a date in a dream, always contain one special message. Because the human psyche often provides prophetic clues or information while we sleep. Perhaps the sight of a future date in the dream should draw the dreamer’s attention to an event that could be very important for him.

A date as a dream symbol can also be a symbol for the psychological dream interpretation feelings of the dreamer in relation to a specific event. For example, if he is excited about a certain date in the waking world, this can often appear as part of his dream.

The interpretations of the dream symbol “numbers” in this area should also be taken into account on a psychological level.

Dream symbol “date” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the date as a dream symbol can give dreamers a hint of something that is about to happen or may have passed Experience give in the spiritual area.

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