Diamond – dream interpretation

We associate diamonds with preciousness, lasting value and beauty. The diamond wedding is celebrated after 60 years of marriage, a symbol of the durability and indestructibility of love. Diamonds are extremely hard and durable.

However, when unpolished, the precious stones are rather inconspicuous. A person whose qualities cannot be recognized at first glance is often compared to a diamond in the rough. However, with the brilliant cut, diamonds break the light into its components and create the unique sparkle.

Diamond jewelry, especially a diamond, is valuable and sought after worldwide. However, there are some gemstones that are very rare and therefore even more sought-after and expensive than a diamond. The black opal is a good example of this: the fascinatingly colored stone with colorful patterns is hotly contested by collectors and jewelry lovers. And the green emerald is hardly inferior to the diamond in terms of hardness and cutting options.

Diamond was formed as crystallized carbon many millions of years ago deep underground. The Indians used diamonds as talismans as early as the 4th millennium BC because they attributed a magical effect to them. The Romans valued stones as tools. For a long time they were considered less valuable than the colorful gemstones. This has only changed with modern editing.

Anyone who dreams of diamonds is probably wondering what is particularly valuable to them. Perhaps the dreamer sees the things that are precious in his life clearly in his dream, but perhaps he has not yet recognized his treasure. When interpreting dreams, it is important to pay attention to the nature of the dream symbol: Is the diamond polished or raw, clear or cloudy?

Dream symbol “diamond” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the diamond is a valuable gemstone and a symbol of luxury and wealth. Its extremely hard nature makes it a symbol of stability and purity, but also an archetypal image of man’s hard nature and greed.

The dream symbol can also be made into a piece of jewelry in a certain way vanity of the dreaming. Likewise, in dream interpretation, the diamond can be understood as an invitation to reflect on one’s own imperfect nature and to stand by oneself. The dream can also raise the question of whether the dreamer is outwardly enough in real life hardness and clarity shows.

If the dream symbol is a cut diamond, the dream promises a shiny and carefree future. A large amount of precious stones promises recognition in the highest circles. In dream interpretation, a diamond as a gift represents friendship and loyalty.

If the dream is about an uncut diamond, there is a risk of a lack of money; the dreamer should be careful and economical when it comes to spending.

Dream symbol “diamond” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the diamond represents the unchanging one in dream interpretation inner core of the dreamer: consciousness in its purest form, the precious immortal soul. As a dream symbol, the diamond also means the unity of consciousness and subconsciousness.

In the dream, the clear and pure gemstone symbolizes the dreamer’s unwavering attitude and sincere thoughts towards a society geared towards adaptation.

The dream symbol is a rough diamond positive characteristics of the dreaming such as self-awareness, self-control and control over one’s own feelings.

Losing a diamond in a dream can represent the loss of an important thing for the dreamer. The many facets of polished stones can illustrate the need in dream interpretation relationship problem to be viewed from different aspects.

Dream symbol “diamond” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the precious diamond means purest water and purified earth. As a transcendent dream symbol, he has the valuable gift of Kraft and reveals the level of courage that the dreamer has in his spiritual life.

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