Dahlia – dream interpretation

Dahlias are often used as ornamental plants and belong to the Asteraceae family in the plant kingdom. They are very perennial herbaceous plants and can reach a height of up to 8 to 10 meters.

The dahlia plant genus also shows a great wealth of colors and shapes. The dahlia has its origins in Central America. Depending on the variety, it blooms in our area from June until the first frost and transforms many gardens into a sea of ​​flowers.

What does a dahlia mean as a dream symbol? Well, we would like to explain this to you in the following article…

Dream symbol “dahlia” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the dream image “Dahlia” primarily as an indication to the dreamer that his financial position will soon improve in the waking world. This can be both a profit and the conclusion of a successful deal. This emerges from an analysis of current living conditions.

If the dahlias in the dream are brightly colored and fresh, they also bring luck and joyful hours Success and health for the sleeper. If you see a garden full of blooming dahlias in your dream, you should make your life more varied and not just worry about making a living.

Wilted dahlia flowers as a dream symbol show that something is also “withering” in the life of the dreamer. That is why this dream content also contains a request to take care of this particular matter. If the dahlias have faded in the dream, you should also stay awake in the waking world disappointments set. In addition, one will suffer failure in certain matters.

According to general dream interpretation, anyone who picks dahlias in their dream can also overdo it Luck and happy times in waking life. However, this dream image can also warn of risks that could stand in the way of success.

For the general consideration of the dream symbol “dahlia”, the color of the flower can also be important. The interpretations of the corresponding color symbols should therefore be used for an extended dream analysis. The dream symbol “flower” can also provide further clues for interpreting a dahlia dream.

Dream symbol “dahlia” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dahlia in the dream also symbolizes this, just like the flower in the dream Principle of the feminine and childhood. That’s why a dahlia bud as a dream symbol illustrates the potential of the sleeper. He should become aware of his abilities in the waking world so that he can develop and use them further.

If a dahlia flower opens in a dream, the dreamer is facing a period of personal development. He shouldn’t close his eyes to this, but rather look at her with curiosity.

According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream image of the dahlia also refers to the emotional area of ​​the dreamer. However, it is seen as a positive sign. In the waking world you should be careful with your emotional world consciously deal with it, but no problems are to be expected.

Dream symbol “dahlia” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a spiritual point of view, the dahlia can be interpreted as a flower, a sign of compassion and affection be.

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