Monument – dream interpretation

Caesar, Goethe, Hindenburg, Adenauer, Washington – at least one monument has been built to all of these famous personalities over the last centuries and decades. But historical events such as well-known battles are often the subject of monuments. The term refers to both a larger sculptural representation, such as a statue, statue or monument erected to commemorate an important person or event, as well as works of art from an earlier era.

However, the initial understanding of the monument plays an important role in dream interpretation. It is not uncommon for such a monument to appear in a dream, which can sometimes be recognized as a monument at first glance because of its size, shape or placement, or sometimes only represents a consciously created memory upon closer inspection. Therefore, it sometimes takes an attentive look from the dreamer to recognize the monument as a dream symbol.

Dream symbol “monument” – the general interpretation

A memorial, as the name suggests, serves to ensure that posterity continues to think of something or someone and that they are not forgotten. This means that this dream image is always one Honor and a Sign of recognition – after all, a monument would probably not be erected for anything or anyone who is not important.

So if you dream of a monument, then when interpreting the dream you should definitely take into account who built the monument and to whom it is intended. Is the monument in the dream dedicated to a person or perhaps an animal? Or does it represent an event?

Whatever or whoever the monument shows – you can often profitably interpret its interpretation as a dream symbol. For example, if your monument depicts someone you know, you may want to honor that person and hold them in high esteem.

If you dream of a house as a monument, then your dream may be about the protection that a house offers. Basically, the dream is usually a sign that what the monument shows is very important to you – or that you should attribute more meaning to the person, object or event.

This honor is expressed particularly strongly when you build a monument yourself in the dream. So the monument can possibly serve as a dream symbol for you hidden tendencies and feelings show you things you weren’t even aware of when you were awake.

If you create a monument in a dream as a stonemason, this can often indicate an excessive desire for recognition. A rune monument can often indicate secrecy while sleeping. Seen as a monument, the Sphinx often refers to the mysterious nature of life.

Dream symbol “monument” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream image as a symbol for recognitionhonor, success and Power. In a more negative sense, the dream of a monument is partly related to overestimation of oneself, too high hopes and too high expectations.

The unrealistic expectations and hopes are particularly well expressed when the dreamer looks up at the monument in admiration, while building one’s own monument represents overestimation of oneself.

Seeing a monument can also mean that you will receive recognition from others for future successes, but it is better not to become snooty and careless with too much praise. If only the base of a monument is visible in a dream, then you may want to be awake try harderso you can climb up to the monument, so to speak.

However, there are a variety of other psychological interpretation approaches: If the dream is about a war memorial, for example, then the dream image usually embodies one Memory of the dreamer from the past, which has, so to speak, been petrified into a monument. Only if he loosens the stone again and deals with this memory can he make successful progress in the future.

If you dream of building a monument that does not show yourself, then you will soon begin a task or a project that you will succeed with enough effort.

Dream symbol “monument” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, the dream of the monument is a representation of Appreciation and Deference in a physical form.

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