Cellulite – dream interpretation

More than one in three women have them – the small dents on the bottom and thighs that make you want to close your eyes when you look in the mirror. Cellulite is a constitutional change in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Because of their masculine connective tissue structure, men are rarely affected by cellulite. A woman’s connective tissue is much more elastic, which makes sense in the event of pregnancy.

The fatty tissue beneath the skin is strengthened by collagen fibers, which in men are arranged like a network. In women, however, these fibers lie next to each other, which makes the skin much more elastic and also feels much softer. But if the fat cells now grow under the skin, they can push through the collagen structure much more easily in a woman than in a man. The consequences: Unsightly dents appear, which a large number of women try to combat using all possible and impossible means. Other women accept themselves and their bodies as they are.

Cellulite is not a phenomenon that only affects older women. Even young girls can suffer from it, which is usually due to inherited predispositions. Above all, however, it is the hormones that cause women to suffer from the so-called orange peel, because they ensure that fat deposits are created in the body, which in turn tend to settle particularly on the buttocks and thighs and promote the development of cellulite right there. But what does it mean when you dream of cellulite? How is this dream symbol interpreted?

Dream symbol “cellulite” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer suffers from cellulite in the dream, this can be interpreted in different directions. This may be a real feeling if the person is actually affected by cellulite. For many women, the unsightly dents are a real problem, but they are often very reluctant to talk about them. There is still an opinion in many minds that cellulite only affects fat and overweight people.

However, this is not the case at all, but the person affected usually feels very uncomfortable with their own dents and tries to hide them in public. A dream with this dream symbol can therefore be a very clear expression of this problem. The dreaming person fears (consciously or unconsciously) for theirs attractivenesstheir self-confidence drops.

In dreams we often process things that concern us in waking life. Even if you think you are only thinking about certain things superficially, dreams often show that the topic affects you much more intensely than you actually believe.

Dream symbol “cellulite” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream image of “cellulite” from a psychological perspective, it shows something that is essentially “stuck” under the skin. For example, we know the expression “get out of your skin”.

Just as you can express things by exploding and letting everything that is smoldering beneath the surface come out, a lot of things often remain in secret. You suppress the impulse to let things out because you might fear that it will put you in the wrong light or that you will no longer be liked.

The dream symbol “cellulite” calls on the dreamer to accept these energies within him Expression to lend and live out whatever hidden needs he feels within himself.

Dream symbol “cellulite” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “cellulite” also shows hidden things on a spiritual level suppressed energieswhich should be set in motion so that, like the Kundalini energy, they can rise in the body and be transformed.

By the way, the Kundalini teaching comes from India and says that someone who can activate these energies within themselves can unroll their energies like a snake up the spine. This process leads to spiritual enlightenment experiences.

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