Cheerleading – dream interpretation

In cheerleading, a group of girls or young women entertains the audience with elements of dance, acrobatics and cheering chants. Cheerleading originally comes from the USA and is intended to support the teams in sporting events such as basketball and American football.

The purpose is to encourage the audience to cheer on the players and applaud. Cheerleading has now become extremely popular with us and is also practiced as an independent competitive sport. Cheerleaders’ midriff-baring costumes consist of a short top and usually fairly tight-fitting pants or skirts. Colorful pompoms on the hands complement the outfit.

Anyone who dreams of cheerleading may have recently seen such a performance and been very impressed by it. You would certainly like to have this body control and flexibility yourself. In dream interpretation, it is important which aspect dominates in the dream: the dancing or the sporting one.

Dream symbol “cheerleading” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “cheerleading” means competition and triumph in dream interpretation. Maybe the dreamer is in a situation in which he has to prove himself. Cheerleading acts as a dream Praise and encouragementto continue pursuing his goal. The dreamer will ultimately prevail against the competition. The elements of dance in cheerleading symbolize the dream interpretation enjoyment of life and the ability to express one’s feelings. As such, it is also a dream symbol of liberation. The synchronized movements of the cheerleaders can be pronounced Community spirit Clues.

The sporting aspect of the dream symbol “cheerleading” emphasizes the personal characteristics of the dreamer such as skill, physical and mental energy and team spirit. In dream interpretation, cheerleading symbolizes a strong Self-confidence and ambition. The dream is a request to the dreamer to further develop his strengths, which are reflected in the dream symbol. This way he will be motivated and can ultimately achieve victory.

Dream symbol “cheerleading” – the psychological interpretation

From the psychological aspect of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “cheerleading” is an expression of this self-esteem of the dreamer. Someone who sometimes suffers from insecurity in real life should try to be a little more active and judge themselves more positively. However, the dream can also be a confirmation for self-confident people to continue on their path.

If in the dream the emphasis in cheerleading is on the dance elements, this expresses oneself feelings and passions as well as desires and eroticism. Most dreaming women see themselves in this role and playfully implement their often unconscious desires for self-realization in the movement sequences.

If the sporting component of cheerleading predominates, the dream symbol in dream interpretation represents a certain thing Competitiveness of the dreamer. He enjoys taking on challenges and is happy to win.

On the other hand, success in cheerleading always belongs to the whole group – the cheerleaders themselves or the team being cheered on. In dream interpretation, this dream is also a reference to the social skills of the dreamer or the desire to own it.

Dream symbol “cheerleading” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “cheerleading” is a symbol of movement in dream interpretation, a means of transcendence. It embodies that rhythm of life and the liberation of the spirit from earthly limitations. In dreams, the dreamer’s spiritual knowledge and his connection to the universe are revealed. In the dance and acrobatic movements of cheerleading Unity of all living things emphasized.

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