Thanks – dream interpretation

Thanks can be expressed in very different gestures, with small gifts, looks or words. Likewise, the reasons why we are grateful to someone can vary greatly. Sometimes it is a good wish that is given to us, in other cases we receive something as a gift ourselves. Maybe a person gave us emotional support or did something special for us.

As different as the contexts in which gratitude is felt can be in real life, they are sometimes just as different in our dreams. Here, however, thanks almost always have a primarily symbolic meaning. But what exactly does the dream symbol “thanks” reveal about us and our lives?

Dream symbol “thanks” – the general interpretation

In dreams, thanks are generally seen as a symbol of good deeds. If the dreamer is thanked from the heart in the specific situation, this will result in his selfless nature to expression. You are very close to your fellow human beings popular. Not only friends and family members, but also work colleagues and other acquaintances appreciate the dreamer. He almost always has an open ear and tries to support her as best he can. He is therefore completely socially integrated.

However, the symbol of thanks also shows that he should not forget or neglect his own personal interests through his willingness to help. He can and must also think about himself instead of just helping others. Those who only satisfy the needs of others risk being unhappy themselves in the end.

However, a dream in which the person concerned shows gratitude can be one positive surprise or announce news in his life. In this case, something beautiful will happen in your everyday life.

But if he only feels obliged to give thanks without honestly feeling grateful, the symbol demands more appreciation on. In real life, the person affected may tend to take certain things or achievements for granted. This does not necessarily make him popular in his social and professional environment. He should learn to recognize the actions of others more and to express this regularly.

Dream symbol “thanks” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, thanks are often interpreted as a sign of good things social integration. The person affected feels comfortable in their private environment and appreciates deep friendships.

However, if it is a dream in which gratitude is accompanied by a feeling of duty, or if one expresses gratitude with a certain gesture out of compulsion in order to fulfill a social norm, then, according to psychoanalysts, this symbolizes an existing one Dependency relationship. The person concerned would like to break away from an unequal relationship, but certain circumstances prohibit him from doing so. The conflict burdens him so much that it even finds its way into his nightly dreams in the form of the symbol “thanks”.

Dream symbol “thanks” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “thanks” represents this interpretation approach Appreciationbut also in general the awareness of a higher one spiritual power but.

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