Date – dream interpretation

For Europeans, there is always something exotic about the date fruit. They come from far away, grow on palm trees that don’t thrive here, and have a very special taste that seems to combine the sweetness of the entire world. They are used as sweeteners in whole food nutrition and are an integral part of Arabic and Turkish confectionery.

Their high sugar content and the soft, juicy flesh that melts in the mouth make them a pleasure for all the senses. And these properties already provide important clues about the meaning of this symbol in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “date” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the date stands primarily for Love. Depending on how the dream symbol appears in your dream, it can be interpreted in different ways.

If you eat dates and they are ripe, sweet and full-bodied, you are happy with your relationship or love life. This is especially true for women who dream of eating date fruits – they will experience love and admiration now or in the near future.

If a man dreams of snacking on dates, he may have desires for sexual experiences with several women, as the date is a dream symbol for sexuality can stand. Their shape and properties indicate this Femaleboth in the sexual and psychological sense.

On the other hand, if the dates you eat are still unripe or have already rotted, this is a sign Stress and Unpleasantries there. You may also face a relationship conflict and the sweetness of your first infatuation has been tarnished. According to ancient belief, anyone who eats a single date will encounter great love again.

Picking the date fruits from the tree indicates the Longing towards love. Just as he picks the ripe, sweet fruits from the tree, the dreamer would like to pick the love that he is currently missing in his life. If he distributes and gives them away to others, this act symbolizes his affection for the people in question and/or indicates that the dreamer will soon be kissed.

Conversely, throwing away or spitting out gifted dates shows a clear antipathy against the one who gave the fruit. The people involved are therefore particularly interesting for interpreting the dream.

Dream symbol “date” – the psychological interpretation

Interpreted psychologically, a dream about dates is an indication from the subconscious that the dreamer is after (more) Love, affection and Vicinity longs. There may be a lack of someone in life who reciprocates this affection, or the need may be so great that it is not fully met.

It can also be hidden sexual desires go, especially if a man dreams of dates. It is possible that fears, bad experiences or moral ideas prevent the dreamer from dealing with his wishes and fantasies in waking life. The exotic aspect of the date also plays a role here, which refers to something special and unusual.

If the dates in the dream are green and unripe, the dream symbol indicates Self-doubt there. The dreamer does not see himself as mature or attractive; he wants the sweetness and satisfaction of a relationship, but believes that he is unsuitable for such a relationship.

Unreachable date fruits, for example hanging on a tall tree that you can’t reach, show the longing for balance. The dreamer feels mentally or physically out of balance brought.

Dream symbol “date” – the spiritual interpretation

In ancient Rome, the date was given great spiritual significance and was considered to promote fertility.

Interpreted spiritually, the date fruit symbolizes an impending one pregnancy or the desire for it. This can be understood literally, but also on a spiritual level when the person comes pregnant with new ideas or suggestions.

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