Skylight – dream interpretation

A skylight is primarily used to provide light and ventilation in the attic. If the attic space is also converted for living purposes, the roof window also offers a view of the surrounding area from the roof. Depending on the height of the house in which the roof window is located, you can also see into the distance over smaller houses.

We can also encounter skylights as a dream image in our dreams. However, not only the symbol itself should be considered, but also what actions were carried out with it. For example, was it opened or closed in the dream? Was it clean and you could see through it or was it dirty?

Dream symbol “roof window” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “roof window” symbolizes the rational attitude of the dreamer to his life and his fellow human beings. It can also indicate the expectations that one has in the realm of the mind of other people in the waking world. However, when assessing other people, the sleeper should not only rely on their intellect, but also rely on their feelings.

Anyone who looks out of a skylight in their dream has distant hopes in their waking life. A closed skylight in a dream brings good fortune for the dreamer Obstacles and resistance with it. But he will be able to master this well by using his mind and logic. If the skylights are open in a dream, those affected can expect happy and contented hours in real life. However, this dream can also refer to temptations that need to be resisted by acting rationally.

If you climb out of a skylight onto the roof in a dream, you have to prepare for annoyances and arguments. However, these can sometimes also bring with them a higher reputation. Cleaning a skylight in a dream generally indicates that you can use your mind to solve a difficult problem Problem want to solve. When solving this problem, it can definitely make sense to include your intuition. This allows a holistic view of the situation to be achieved.

Dream symbol “roof window” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the skylight as a dream image embodies the dreamer’s realization that he is striving for higher things, but does not want to leave his safe environment in the waking world. With this inner Conflict you should take a closer look in order to find a suitable solution.

If the sleeper looks into the distance from an open skylight in his dream, he longs for good things Future prospects. Depending on what you see in your dream, you can draw conclusions about the future. On the other hand, if you look out of a closed skylight, you want to gain insight into a certain situation in your waking life. However, you should not make your interest in it too public.

Dream symbol “roof window” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the symbol “skylight” should make the dreamer aware that he wants to do something specific in his life Schutz want to hide himself.

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