Cannabis – dream interpretation

Marijuana, hashish, grass (or “weed”), pot, ganja… the drug obtained from the hemp plant Cannabis with the active ingredient THC has many names and forms. What all varieties have in common is the relaxing and pain-relieving effect. However, the hemp plant also receives particular attention from the medical community. There they are used in therapeutic doses, for example to combat severe pain or chronic inflammation.

Like any intoxicant, cannabis can be addictive. Consumers expect relaxation and a break from everyday life when they consume cannabis. However, with long-term use, it can also make you jittery, confused or indifferent, daily tasks seem unimportant and the intoxicated person is no longer able to take responsibility. The perception of time and space changes, it is difficult to think in context, all senses and even speech are impaired. At the same time, certain trains of thought or insights appear to come to the fore.

If you are not experienced in using the drug or if you misjudge the dosage, getting high can quickly turn into a horror trip that can cause the person affected to fear and panic. The spectrum of physical side effects is considerable: hallucinations, dizziness, feelings of derealization – anything is possible, including circulatory collapse.

Smoking cannabis – “smoking weed” – promises people increasing relaxation even in the dream world. But is that really the case? You can find out what such and similar dream situations can mean in the following article section:

Dream symbol “Cannabis” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Smoking cannabis as a dream image

If you smoke cannabis together with tobacco in the dream world, you might do the same in real life. In this case, dreaming about the joint is probably an indication that the sleeper should use fewer drugs while awake. However, if the person concerned only consumes cannabis in a dream without actually smoking weed, this can mean that in real life they need more distance from everyday problems. The dreamer may want to withdraw from all difficulties while awake. Anyone who experiences a real horror trip in a dream after smoking is afraid of losing control in reality.

Dream symbol “cannabis” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer is actually currently gaining experience with the drug or is currently using it more often, the dream can be an indication that he should limit his consumption.

Even the purely theoretical involvement with cannabis in a dream, without actually smoking it, indicates a confrontation with one’s own personality drug consumption there. The dreamer wants to break away from smoking weed; under certain circumstances he may feel that he is at risk of addiction. In this case, the dream represents a warning to exercise some moderation.

If the dreamer smokes hashish or marijuana in the dream, this can also mean a longing for one breathing space mean that he subconsciously wishes to escape from everyday life.

Frequent cannabis dreams can therefore occur Stress or Conflicts indicate from which the dreamer wants to escape into an alternative reality. He is still looking for a sustainable method to relieve himself or those around him and to find his inner balance.

If drug use in a dream is frightening or is experienced negatively as a nightmare, the dream symbol indicates fear Loss of control there. The dreamer finds it difficult to let go, it is impossible for him to really relax.

Dream symbol “cannabis” – the psychological interpretation

Smoking marijuana or eating cookies laced with hashish in a dream can be a Escapism symbolize. The dreamer should ask himself what or who he wants to escape from. Since it is an illegal drug, obtaining it cannot be accomplished without a certain degree of risk. Taking risks and impaired health can indicate self-destructive aspects of the personality.

Conversely, the dreamer may have certain parts of himself in front of him Angst, or it is an event or situation that frightens him. He fears losing control. In some cases, the fear of losing your mind can also be behind the dream symbol.

Dream symbol “cannabis” – the spiritual interpretation

The use of drugs and the associated intoxication can lead to one Expansion of consciousness However, this experience relies on an aid, in this case cannabis.

The dream symbolizes the longing for Understandingbut reminds you to rely more on your own abilities to achieve them.

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