Tuesday – dream interpretation

Many people have probably asked themselves whether Tuesday has anything to do with duty, i.e. the performance of work. Maybe there is a tradition according to which one had to be more diligent on a Tuesday than on any other day of the week and therefore resting was perhaps not allowed at all? Incorrect! Because Tuesday actually has nothing to do with ministry or serving.

At the time of ancient Rome, Tuesday was dedicated to the planet Mars, which – like other planets – was worshiped as a deity. This gave rise to the name “dies martis”, which became “Tuesday” in German. However, the derivation is even clearer in French, where Tuesday is translated as “mardi”. Or in Spanish “martes”.

Tuesday is generally more popular as part of the working week than Monday, when many employees are still used to the slightly different rhythm of the weekend and are therefore tired. Many people also find it easier to keep an appointment in their calendar that is scheduled for a Tuesday than a Monday.

Tuesday can also be a part of our dream world and make us aware of very different things. You will find out what this is in the following text.

Dream symbol “Tuesday” – the general interpretation

For the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “Tuesday” is a symbol of Success. If you dream of a Tuesday, you can see it as an indication to take action and finally work on and complete things that you may have been putting off for ages because you don’t want to. In fact, you should do this on a Tuesday in real life, because according to old dream diaries, this day of the week represents a lot Kraftperseverance and courage.

At the same time, this conversely means that the date is in the week not suitable is for everything that has to do with relaxation. You can certainly meditate on a Tuesday or sleep in between. But if, for example, you’re planning a vacation trip, it’s better to do it on another day.

Tuesday stands as a dream symbol for Capacity to act and also wants to encourage the dreamer to move out of passivity and, above all, to make important decisions on their own responsibility and self-confidence.

If the word “Tuesday” appears in front of the dreaming person’s eyes, this dream experience is often also part of it Deadline based on which one has firmly planned in waking life and whose compliance is very important for the dreamer.

Dream symbol “Tuesday” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image “Tuesday” can indicate the personal characteristics of the sleeper. Most likely you love every kind of thing in your waking life Challenge. Once you set your mind to it, you definitely want to implement it. Hardly anyone will be able to dissuade you from this plan.

The dreamer also tends to Starring. If he is convinced of his opinion, nothing and no one can convince him otherwise.

Anyone who dreams of a Tuesday often finds it difficult to show weakness in real life. Even if the dreamer has a strong sense of justice However, he is often trapped within his own walls. This can lead to him being perceived as ruthless on the outside, which in no way corresponds to his true personality.

Dream symbol “Tuesday” – the spiritual interpretation

For the transcendent dream interpretation, the dream image “Tuesday” symbolizes the Timewhich, however, is infinite in a spiritual context and therefore has no real meaning.

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