Chat – dream interpretation

The term “chat” can be translated as “chat” or “conversation”, i.e. a digital conversation, whereby it refers to electronic communication in real time. Originally, chat only took place via text messages and primarily over the Internet.

But there have now been major developments in this area and audio and video chat have been added. With these, audio and video tracks are exchanged in addition to or instead of text messages. You can now also chat with friends via your smartphone, for example via Facebook Messenger or Twitter, where communication is mainly carried out via short messages. Nowadays, photos are sent to friends and acquaintances via Snapchat. The instant messaging service “WhatsApp” combines all types of chat. With this, text messages, image, video and sound files, but also documents and contact details can be exchanged with each other.

Dream symbol “chat” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets a chat as a dream symbol primarily as an indication to the dreamer to get more involved with other people in the waking world. This can refer to people in his immediate environment as well as to people with whom he has not had contact for a long time.

The interpretation depends on which chat partner can be recognized in the dream. The dreamer should realize through his dream that now is a good time for one contact has come.

Furthermore, generally speaking, the dream symbol “chat” can be a Message express the subconscious. Because this expects a change from the dreamer in the waking world. What change this is can be seen from the content of the dream chat. The dreamer should not ignore this hint, but should prepare for this change. It will work out to his advantage.

If images are exchanged in the dream during the chat, the interpretations of the dream symbols seen should also be taken into account.

Dream symbol “chat” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Chat” can be understood as a request to do something Unclear to clarify in the waking world. Only then is the dreamer able to make the right decision and act accordingly. Here too, the content of the chat can be used to draw conclusions about what is unclear in waking life.

If very emotional or moving topics are discussed in the dream chat, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, this can be an expression of the fears and worries of the dreamer. In the waking world these may not be very present to the dreamer, but in the dream they are clearly expressed and can even appear almost overpowering. The dreamer should therefore deal with his fears and anxieties in waking life.

Dream symbol “chat” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Chat” should make the dreamer aware that he is in the waking world important messages is received. These can even show him a new direction in life.

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