Decoration – dream interpretation

You can decorate with many different objects. However, the following principle usually applies to decoration: “Less is more”. A tremendous effect can be achieved with just a few carefully placed decorative elements, whereas a large decoration can often be too much.

But no matter whether little or more, the aim of every decoration is primarily to beautify the room, apartment or house. But is this also the case in dreams? Or is there perhaps more hidden behind this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “decoration” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “decoration” is primarily a dream Opposite. This means that beautifying a room, house or apartment with decorations in a dream indicates losses in financial and business matters. The dreamer should prepare accordingly, because he will not be able to counteract these developments in the waking world.

Decorating in dreams, like in waking life, can be done with many different objects. Therefore, when interpreting the dream symbol “decoration”, the aspects of the decorative elements that stand out in the dream should also be taken into account. The flower vase as a decoration in the dream illustrates that the dreamer will make friends in the waking world through his willingness to help.

A flower arrangement in a vase as a dream decoration generally indicates that its Love is responded to by the desired person. If the dreamer decorates his apartment with pictures in his dream, he should become aware that he is controlling his mind and his Want should strengthen. Because he is all too easily distracted from his path.

A bowl decorated with fruits, sweets or similar symbolizes the imminent visit of guests or an invitation to the waking world. A decorated Christmas tree can, as a dream image, refer to pleasant hours and joy.

Dream symbol “decoration” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, when interpreting the dream symbol “decoration”, the focus is primarily on decorative objects. These provide the dreamer with various clues for his waking life.

If the dreamer has set up many vases as decoration in his dream, his feminine, intuitive personality side be aware. He may not have noticed this in the waking world, or only partially noticed it. He should not neglect this part of his personality but include it in his life.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, decorating with many pictures in the dream warns the dreamer against misjudgment of other people. In addition, the dreamer should be looking for more in his waking life Self-knowledge strive. Bowls or other rather flat vessels as decoration in dreams are often a symbol of the female womb.

Dream symbol “decoration” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “decoration” as a reference to the dreamer abundance and the luxury of his life, which he can enjoy in the waking world.

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