Ladies visit – dream interpretation

Nowadays the term “ladies’ visit” seems almost outdated. Because which woman is still considered or referred to as a “lady” today? It often refers to older women who are viewed as authorities and demand a certain level of respect.

We can also encounter the concept of a lady’s visit in the dream realm. According to dream analysis, the dream symbol “visit from a lady” often occurs in men’s dreams, in the form of a date. But this dream image can also be seen by women. We explain why below.

Dream symbol “visit from ladies” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the symbol “ladies’ visit” primarily as a symbol of warmth, affection and love that the dreamer receives from another person. However, he should not allow himself to be blinded by this person’s external appearance, but should also pay attention to the inner values. Because it is possible that this person is just hiding his own desires behind his affection, which he needs the sleeping person to achieve.

The visit from women as a dream symbol can also have a certain effect Unworldliness of the dreaming. He should find out from this by knowing certain information. If you receive visits from ladies in your dream, you have to be prepared for some disappointments in the waking world, but you will still achieve your goals and hopes.

According to the general dream interpretation, if the sleeping person expects a visit from a young and beautiful lady in his dream good news in waking life. If the lady who comes to visit in the dream is perceived as unattractive, you will soon have to deal with gossip. That is why many tears will be shed in the waking world.

In some cases, the dream symbol “ladies’ visit” can also refer to a repressed person personality part point out, which now pushes into the dreamer’s consciousness. From the behavior of the lady visiting in the dream, conclusions can be drawn as to what character trait this is.

Dream symbol “visit from ladies” – the psychological interpretation

Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, a woman’s visit in a dream is seen as a sign for oneself Inferiority dream viewed.

Above all, if a man dreams of a company of women, it is said that he is afraid of women Dominance be aware. Because this means that he will face major changes in his waking life that he doesn’t know how to deal with. That’s why the dream symbol in this context also contains the request to consciously deal with this fear.

If a motherly-looking lady comes to visit in a dream, this can reflect the male dreamer’s longing security show.

In a woman’s dream, however, this dream situation can indicate the fear of an overpowering mother. Because this authority figure brings with him the admonition to change his current way of life.

If the visit from women is perceived as pleasant in the dream, one will be satisfied with the developments in the near future. A disturbing visit from a woman as a dream symbol, on the other hand, symbolizes your own discontent or impatience.

Dream symbol “visit from ladies” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “visiting a lady” refers to one Führer in spiritual matters, which will help the dreamer to achieve his wishes.

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