Cartoon – dream interpretation

A cartoon is the graphic representation of a gag or satire in usually just a single image. In the original sense no words were used for this, but nowadays the cartoon is often accompanied by a short text. A cartoon is a self-contained picture story that uses irony to satirize everyday situations or political topics in order to make the viewer smile.

A cartoon is, if you will, a comic that only consists of a single image. If it has a more critical and thoughtful character, it is referred to as a caricature, but the boundaries here are not clearly defined and are therefore fluid. Cartoons are mainly found in daily newspapers and magazines.

In English, the term “cartoon” stands for cartoons, so-called “animated cartoons”. The best known are certainly the Disney films with the cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Donald Duck, Snow White, Bambi or the story about Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera from “The Jungle Book”. Since 1989, “The Simpsons”, an American animated series about a yellow-skinned family of the same name, has been extremely successful.

But what does the “cartoon” dream symbol mean? Why do you dream about it?

Dream symbol “cartoon” – the general interpretation

When the dream image “cartoon” appears in our dreams, according to general dream interpretation, the question arises for the dreamer as to the extent to which he views and lives his life realistically. Watching cartoons always gives us a different feeling perception of what actually is. The person affected may also have the desire to escape their own reality and live the life they dream of.

A cartoon can also take us into a new, unusual world in a dream. And just as it stimulates our imagination in reality, it also encourages us in the dream world to pay attention to our dreams and ideas. The dreamer may also be part of the cartoon himself, which can indicate that there is a completely different reality behind his facade. Cartoons expose and the dreamer should see what is really hidden behind what is usually obvious.

The popular interpretation of the “cartoon” dream image sees this as a sign fateful experiencesthat the dreamer will do within the next year.

Dream symbol “cartoon” – the psychological interpretation

From the point of view of psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “cartoon” stands for the reference to own reality.

If the cartoon is a cartoon, as it is also called in English, this reflects the childish side of the dreamer. He wishes he could go back to his carefree childhood days and dreams of being able to escape the adult world.

Many people certainly have these ideas and there is nothing fundamentally bad about it. However, the dreamer should know his own personality well enough to notice when he is in danger of losing touch with reality. This doesn’t mean that he can’t believe in his dreams or work on realizing them. He should just find the right balance and not lose himself in an unfulfillable dream world.

Dream symbol “cartoon” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritual dream analysis connects the “cartoon” dream image childish share in U.S. Just as there are different perceptions in real life, there are different parts of each person’s personality, just as there is a spiritual and a physical level.

And just as we are adults on the outside, we each have an inner child within us that takes after us Attention and affection longs.

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