Women’s shoes – dream interpretation

Shoes are special for women. You can never have enough of them, which is why many shoe cupboards contain a large number of women’s shoes. There is also a wide selection of women’s shoes. Flat or high sandals, sandals, pumps, ballerinas, ankle boots or even boots – to name just a few.

For many women, their shoes are also an important accessory or even a status symbol. The shoes of certain brands not only help the wearer have a special experience, they can also show other people what they can afford.

If a woman dreams of women’s shoes, this doesn’t seem surprising. Especially if a pair of shoes appears in a dream that you would like to have but can’t afford, it’s easy to talk about a pipe dream. But what else can women’s shoes mean as a dream symbol? Do they also contain another message?

Dream symbol “women’s shoes” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “women’s shoes” can primarily be used as an expression erotic needs of the sleeper can be interpreted. The dreamer should consciously deal with his longings and – as long as this is within a morally justifiable framework – try to pursue them. Anyone who lives in a relationship may long for more variety in the sexual area; Anyone who is single misses physical closeness.

Walking in women’s shoes in a dream can indicate that you will invest a lot of energy and time in something that will not be worth it. New women’s shoes as a dream usually bring cheap ones Changes for waking life. If the dreamer buys women’s shoes in his dream, one should be careful of other people’s empty promises.

If a lady loses her shoes in a dream, the sleeping person will soon make new acquaintances with interesting people. If she finds her shoes again, you can expect some pleasant ones surprises be happy. If women’s shoes are too tight in a dream, you should prepare for something unpleasant in your waking life.

For the general interpretation of the dream symbol “women’s shoes” it can also be interesting to know what type of shoe the dream is about. Because further aspects can be derived from this:

Shoes with a high heel or high heels in a dream symbolize the desire for Attention and makes. Sandals in a dream indicate that you like to choose the comfortable path in life. But boots, sneakers or even bridal shoes can also appear in dreams as women’s shoes.

Dream symbol “women’s shoes” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, women’s shoes as a dream symbol illustrate the emotional or spiritual Views of the dreamer, which are shaped by his feminine parts. In this context, the color of women’s shoes in the dream can also provide other interesting meanings.

Anyone who worships women’s shoes as a fetish in their dream should realize that they are actually looking for one sexual union longs for, but is afraid of being too close to other people. Women’s shoes in a box as a dream image often embody the emotional qualities that demand attention in the waking world.

Cleaning women’s leather shoes, perhaps with shoe polish, can symbolize the desire for inner cleansing in the psychological interpretation of dreams.

If a cobbler repairs broken women’s shoes in a dream, this can happen Character flaws refer. These are known, but the dreamer has not yet done anything about them.

If a woman chooses her shoes in a dream to match her outfit or her handbag, she will also be good in all respects in her waking life Decision-making ability. As a dream symbol, women’s shoes that are oppressive or too small illustrate a burden that influences the dreamer’s soul.

Dream symbol “women’s shoes” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream interpretation, women’s shoes can be used as a dream symbol to indicate the dreamer’s connection female personality parts and their integration into his life.

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