Hallway – dream interpretation

We call a “hallway” a hallway from which you can access the individual rooms in a building. The term is particularly widespread in the Low German-speaking area.

If you are not in reality, but on the level of your own dreams in a hallway, this always has a special significance. As a dream symbol, this part of a house allows many conclusions to be drawn about the life and personality of the dreamer. In order to interpret the dream image as accurately as possible, the specific circumstances in the dream situation should always be taken into account. What did the hallway look like? Was the area brightly lit or rather dark? Did you perhaps search in vain for the exit from the house in a dream? Or was the dream situation accompanied by positive feelings?

Dream symbol “hallway” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dream symbol “hallway” can always refer to your own social interaction. According to the general interpretation of dreams, it shows how the dreamer encounters other people, which sides of himself he shows and how he himself is shaped by his fellow human beings. In this regard, positive dream experiences herald a balanced and good private life. In addition, a brightly lit, cozy hallway also promises Luck and satisfaction.

Conversely, a dark, cold floorboard in a dream can be a symbol of hopelessness be. The general dream interpretation interprets the dream image as an expression of inner fears, especially fear of failure. The same applies to dream situations in which you find yourself in a hallway and search in vain for the door outside. The dream may also represent a Problem from waking life, which overwhelms the dreamer. He has lost faith in being able to find a solution.

Dream situations in which the sleeper is in a hallway and curiously goes from door to door also usually terminate Changes at. A change is imminent in the life of the sleeping person. What is found behind the doors of the dreamed hallway can provide more information about this.

Dream symbol “hallway” – the psychological interpretation

A hallway is the heart of a house because the different areas and rooms lead from it. The psychological interpretation of dreams therefore understands the dream symbol “hallway” as a symbol of a connection between different things Personality traits of the sleeping person.

If the dreamer is in a hallway in the dream situation, he is most likely currently trying to reconcile the different traits and parts of himself. In this context, positive feelings during the dream suggest that he will soon find his inner center.

However, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the opposite can apply if the dreamer feels insecure while staying in the hallway. In these cases, the dream situation is an inner expression Self-doubt. You haven’t found your place in life yet. The affected person is still searching for his or her true self.

Dream symbol “hallway” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dreams, the floorboard symbolizes a tool with which one can reach others States of consciousness able to pass over.

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