Attic – dream interpretation

While the house symbolizes the dreamer himself, a dream in which the attic appears is about distant events and emotional worlds. In this case, the person concerned can ask themselves: What do I want to explore? What am I afraid of?

A dream about an attic, a converted attic or a small attic room can be very different. The wood of the roof gable can be rotten and old or freshly and cleanly painted. Either the roof parts are in a raw state and you can see the bare wood with the roof tiles on it, or the attic has been protected with insulation against the weather, cold, heat and wind. The floor may have a skylight or be windowless, making it dark and perhaps a little eerie.

Objects that appear in the attic in a dream are also important for a dream analysis. Whether it’s a worn-out rocking chair, a mirror covered in spider webs, or an old toy from childhood: everything has a meaning for the attic dream. The sight of a mousetrap or rat trap can also be of interest for interpretation.

Are you looking for a specific dream situation related to an attic? Then take a look at the following list, in which we have listed the recurring dream contents for you.

Dream symbol “attic” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Part of the house – The attic in the dream

The attic in a dream can be viewed as a part of the house. In this function, the dreamed attic chamber is usually seen as an expression of memories that should be preserved but at the same time pushed aside. The dreamer is reluctant to deal with these parts of his life, but he does not want to forget them completely either.

If the size of an attic plays a role in a dream

Large or small attic room – a dream analysis

Anyone who sees a large attic in their dream should often realize that they have stored many experiences and memories in their memory that they would like to continue to hold on to. If, on the other hand, the dreamed attic room is small and narrow, the sleeper may be shown his dissatisfaction in the waking world.

The loft conversion in a dream: Make big from small!

Expanding an attic, i.e. adding beams to gain additional living space and one more room, can illustrate the sleeper’s desire to improve his intellectual abilities. This dream situation can also provide an indication of the personality development of the person concerned.

The dreamed renovation of an attic as a dream symbol usually brings with it favorable developments in waking life. Insulating the additional space shows, as a dream image, that you appreciate the successes you have gained from the past and want to protect them.

An empty or dusty attic – What does this dream mean?

The sight of an empty attic room in a dream can illustrate to the dreamer his current feeling of loneliness in the waking world. If the attic is dusty or dirty while sleeping, the sleeping person should deal with something in their life that they consider to be a mistake. The time to sort this thing out has now come.

Nice and tidy! Cleaning up the attic is a dream

There is cleaning and moving in the dream: tidying up an attic symbolizes your own confrontation and processing with events from the past. Anyone who brings order to the symbolic chaos of a dusty warehouse is also organizing their good and bad memories of the past. This is important so that you can go through life unburdened. A completely positive dream image!

Misfortune and horror in the dream attic

The attic is burning: fire under the roof as a dream horror

If the attic is on fire in a dream, this is often seen as an indication of your own mind or ability to think, which is being weakened by something in reality. In addition, the dream image of fire in the attic can indicate that the sleeper feels helpless towards something or someone in waking life. He often lacks security in his life.

Witching hour on the topsoil. A nightmare?

If spirits and ghosts create a haunting in the attic in a dream, this can warn the dreamer to take a closer look at certain memories. Because he may be deceiving himself or giving in to false ideals.

If the attic appears scary while sleeping or if the person concerned is afraid of it, on the one hand this is often seen as an expression of a real fear. On the other hand, it can herald a change in waking life.

The storage door as a dream image

If the attic door appears in a dream, it can be interpreted sexually and the dreamer should perhaps take a closer look at his needs in this area. If the memory door is open while sleeping, the person affected will probably be able to achieve their goals without difficulty. Opening or unlocking such an entrance can be a dream image indicating that there is an erotic connection in the partnership.

If it is a trap door that leads to the attic, the dreamer should beware of intrigues and lies in his immediate surroundings. At the same time, the person himself is at risk of acting immorally.

Dream symbol “attic” – the general interpretation

In the dream world, the attic has the function of a place of storage Memorywhich may be transported to daylight.

If the dreamer is rummaging through an attic, he should look at the condition: Has no one been here for a long time or is it more of a storage room? Most of the time things are stored here that you no longer need or that you haven’t dealt with for a long time, but that are still there.

In popular interpretations, it is seen as a favorable development if a poor person dreams of an attic, as his circumstances will improve.

Climbing a ladder to the attic, on the other hand, is said to be less positive, as this is a sign of a Escapism can be and you prefer to leave the hard everyday life to others. For single people, an engagement is on the horizon, while married people should avoid flirting.

Dream symbol “attic” – the psychological interpretation

The order that is in the dreamer’s head will also be found in the attic that he climbs up. If a lot is stored here, there may be just as many matters that have been postponed and left unprocessed. One is often asked here security sought after, which was lost long ago.

Similar to the basement, this room of the house is not often entered and so memories from the days of youth are stored here, which are closely related to earlier ones erotic experiences are linked. Sometimes the lumber room is also a place of fear, even if the roof of the house symbolically represents the mind. The dreamer may no longer be aware of the experiences that were dumped here for a while.

According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, if what has been repressed continues to work invisibly in the unconscious, this will lead to undesirable behavior and can cause a wide variety of disorders. Unconscious drives and imaginations He therefore considers uncovering to be one of the most important goals in dream interpretation.

Care should therefore be taken to ensure that the suppressed and hidden memories that become abundantly clear in an attic dream are not reintroduced into a proverbial one “To put the box back”but to deal with them.

Dream symbol “attic” – the spiritual interpretation

Attics are a small, isolated world where you take refuge when you’ve had enough of reality. If the house is a place to retreat to, the attic upstairs is a special form of retreat and conveys that Quiet, which would never be attainable in everyday life. Here you can make your own spiritual truth find, without distraction from external influences.

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