Theft – dream interpretation

If the symbol “theft” appears in a dream, it does not necessarily mean the theft of money, a wallet or other material possessions. But it can also be about matters of the heart and other things.

With this symbol, the dreamer should generally ask himself whether he has neglected something in his life or whether he has been too careless in a matter. First of all, the dream symbol “theft” symbolizes a defect that shows itself in this external form. Therefore, the focus should be on the question of which area of ​​life in the waking world is characterized by separations and losses and is now symbolized by stealing in the dream.

Below you will find a list of different dream situations that can occur in relation to a robbery in your sleep. You will find out more interpretations of the dream symbol “theft” below.

Dream symbol “theft” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Theft within your own four walls – a common nightmare!

Theft at home can be seen in a dream as a sign of imminent disappointment. The dreamer will probably experience a mishap in the waking world. If the theft takes place in an apartment, this often shows the sleeping person’s real fears of not being able to act according to their own wishes.

What can be stolen in a dream robbery

The dreamed vehicle theft

Dreaming about stealing a car can be interpreted in the sense of a request. The sleeper should perhaps spend his waking life thinking about what he is currently missing in his life. In addition, the theft of your own automobile can warn of a real danger. If the theft of a bicycle is seen while sleeping, the dreaming person may not have taken advantage of an opportunity for further development.

Cards are stolen in a dream – they are gone!

The dream of stealing a credit card usually shows the dreamer that he cannot act in the real world in a way that suits his needs. He may be too considerate of others. If your debit card is stolen while you are sleeping, this dream situation can warn of actual enemies in the surrounding area.

Dreaming of gold and jewel robbery

The dreamed jewel theft can be seen as a positive sign within dream interpretation and usually promises the dreamer happiness and success. However, if jeweled jewelry is stolen in a dream, the dreaming person may face profound damage. A theft of gold by the sleeping person often brings unpleasant news for waking life as well as bad luck when gambling.

If your cell phone is stolen in a dream

Theft of a cell phone while sleeping can be seen as a symbol of the dreamer’s fears in society. The sleeper may be worried about his good reputation or the loss of his reputation in the waking world. His fear of loneliness can also be expressed in this dream situation.

“Theft handbag” – what can this mean in dream analysis?

If your handbag or briefcase is stolen in a dream, this can illustrate the sleeper’s real concerns that another person in waking life could invade his private space and restrict his personal freedom. Furthermore, the fear dream of the handbag being stolen may indicate the dreamer’s inhibitions about approaching people or building up familiarity with others.

Clothes are stolen in a dream

If the dreamer discovers that his clothing has been stolen while he is sleeping, in most cases he should realize that in reality he fears a loss of his identity. He may be exposed to strong outside influences in his waking life, which makes it almost impossible for him to live out his own wishes and needs.

The dear money is gone! Dreams about money theft

Purse or wallet is gone. From dream to reality?

If you experience your wallet being stolen or taken away in your dream, you should usually become aware of your fears of losing something important in the waking world. This can be both a loved one and a loss of power. Stealing your wallet or wallet may also illustrate the fear of losing your partner in waking life.

My money is stolen – a dream analysis

On the dream level, the theft of money can reflect the real fear of financial deficiency or warn you to concern yourself with your own behavior in the waking world. If the dreamer has a strongly money-oriented attitude to life in waking life, stealing money while sleeping can also encourage him to worry about important people and not just look after his assets. If someone wants to steal money from me in the dream world, there may also be an actual fear that there is a lack of money in life. In addition, stealing money can symbolize a warning and question your own behavior in the waking world.

A thief who steals money in the dream world

If it was a thief who stole money from the dreamer in the dream, this can symbolize pent-up energies and the desire for a love adventure. However, the exact circumstances of the dream should be taken into account. A dream in which you can catch the perpetrator can be interpreted positively. If the thief escapes, there may be disappointments.

Caught! Getting caught stealing dream money

If the dream image “caught stealing money” appears in your sleep and you have perhaps been caught stealing money, perhaps from a victim’s box, it may be that you are missing important opportunities in the real world. The reason for this is insecurities and doubts about yourself.

Dream symbol “theft” – the general interpretation

If a dream is about a theft, it’s about that Angst from losses. The dream symbol should therefore be taken literally. If the theft is committed by a stranger, it is probably about a part of himself that the dreamer does not trust.

What matters for the interpretation is where the thief appears, what he is trying to steal and who commits it.

If you commit theft and steal in the dream world, the dreamer can commit one in reality Damage turn away at the last moment. What at first seems negative turns out to be fortunate. If one is called a thief, there may be a case of slander.

If you watch a thief commit a criminal act, there are probably people around you who are envious. There is also an increased risk of one Fraud to fall in. If you accuse a person of theft in a dream, the sleeper should be careful not to judge others too quickly. Conversely, people who are treated unfairly can also harm those affected.

If you chased and caught a thief in a dream, you may soon die Wish coming true. Advantages over other people are also possible; Anyone who knows how to assert themselves is on the winning side.

Dream symbol “theft” – the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological interpretation, it depends on the dreamer how he perceives inappropriate behavior. The fear of loss or fraud can therefore have very different levels of intensity and can even include strong self-doubt. In this case, one’s own talents and abilities may be questioned and the loss manifests itself as imbalance the entire emotional state.

If women dream of a theft or robbery, it can mean that they would like to “steal” themselves out of their current relationship. However, this only applies to women’s dreams that contain other symbols that support this interpretation. Happy partners indicate theft when they are worried about the loss of something or an important person – this can also mean the partner.

If a burglar comes into the house while you are sleeping or a building is observed being broken into, this indicates a fear that the dreamer might lose something important. If a car is stolen, the dream symbol indicates finding something that was thought lost.

Dream symbol “theft” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, a theft is the incorrect use of energy. Every person has power at their disposal that needs to be used wisely and correctly. Black magic is also called stealing because it does not adhere to the energetic laws.

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