Twilight – dream interpretation

Twilight is a time of transition, either from day to night or vice versa. We associate it with a beginning or an end and a new beginning. With dusk, the environment changes, but also your own perspective: you look at things in a different light.

In twilight you often come across figures who are afraid of light, who cannot be seen during the day and only appear as darkness increases. Many predators hunt at dusk, even bats, owls and related owls do this, while little babies cry out hungry for food. That’s why there’s something eerie and threatening about this time of day. On the other hand, dusk can bring pleasant coolness in the evening of a hot day.

The dawn with its dawn, in turn, announces the end of darkness and the dawn of the bright, bright day. The early lark begins to sing, the spirits are awakened by the daylight. The fear of real and unreal dangers is fading, outlines are becoming sharper. If something dawns on you, you will figuratively recognize things that were previously unclear to you with increasing clarity.

If someone dreams of a coming twilight, they may be internally prepared for a new beginning. Now he may be wondering what he still needs to figure out. The positive aspects certainly outweigh the negative aspects, but deeper interpretations are also known in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “twilight” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “twilight” means a hopeful one Heading into the unknown. In dream interpretation, the twilight at the end of the day symbolizes the gradual farewell with the prospect of a new beginning. In the dream, the separation from the old one also shows the way to the exciting future.

On the other hand, the dream symbol also embodies the reference to the evening crossing from the active events of the day to a quiet end. The dreamer should perhaps treat himself to more rest and relaxation.

In dream interpretation, twilight is an ambiguous dream symbol, depending on whether it appears in the dream as dusk or dawn. When the morning dawns in a dream, something good is about to happen: the world is renewing itself, the dreamer can hope that all problems can eventually be solved. In dream interpretation, however, twilight in the evening represents stormy times and gloomy prospects.

If you see a crescent moon in the sky at dusk, this can point the dreamer to a time of change and further development.

Dream symbol “twilight” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, twilight is the dream symbol, the one unclear situation embodied. The twilight is a symbol of the uncertainty that the dreamer is currently experiencing unconsciously. This can refer to concrete life questions that have a decisive influence on the psychological state of the dreamer.

However, the uncertainty can also be a reaction to certain events: perhaps the twilight in the dream is an indication of dying or of others radical changes.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “twilight” generally stands for the subconscious Truthsthat one would rather suppress. It should be understood as an indication for the dreamer to live more consciously and not to indulge in nebulous memories or illusions. At the same time, twilight in dreams, especially in the evening, has a high psychological significance as a symbol Romantic: Two connected souls float in the twilight, so to speak, and thus evade reality for a moment.

Dream symbol “twilight” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, dawn in the morning is a dream symbol for the Hope. Such a dream is often a particularly strong emotional experience on a spiritual level.

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