Roof – dream interpretation

It belongs to every house and offers the residents protection from unpleasant weather such as rain and wind or even the hot sun in summer. Everyone probably sees numerous roofs every day when they leave their apartment and walk on the street. Cars also have protective roofs and all types of buildings and areas.

When you have shelter, i.e. a home, it doesn’t just mean practical protection from the weather, the feeling of security also plays a role. You make yourself comfortable under your roof, in your “own four walls” and have a place to retreat to.

So it’s no wonder that a roof often appears in dreams. The dream symbol “roof” is often associated with a building such as a house, so that the dreamer sees a house roof or a roof gable, roof tiles, beams, the gutter or an antenna. Or he goes to the attic in a dream. But maybe you have too “Sparrows whistled something from the rooftops” – something that everyone has known for a long time and that no longer needs to be kept a secret.

But why do you dream of a roof and what does your subconscious want to tell you with this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “roof” – the general interpretation

Especially as an integral part of houses, the job of a roof is to protect the residents from nature, i.e. to keep them dry and warm in rain and snow and to provide some coolness in the middle of summer when the sun is shining. This Protective idea plays an important role in dream interpretation, so that aspects of protection are included in many variants of the “roof” dream image.

So your dream, if you are in a house in it, could mean that you are the proverbial “Roof over your head” and are therefore protected from the weather. You can often interpret this dream more broadly, so that it no longer only provides protection from the weather conditions, but also from other dangers Adversity of everyday life is meant.

The roof collapses in a dream? Then you probably feel defenseless and at the mercy of a certain matter in the waking world.

Sometimes someone stands on a roof in their dream. This symbol usually indicates that the dreamer is strong enough and therefore does not need any additional protection in his life. If in your dream you are standing next to a roof rather than under it, then you may be missing or longing for the protection you need when you are awake more safety.

While a roof provides shelter for those beneath it, it also blocks the view of the sky. That’s why your dream, which involves a roof, could also be understood to mean that the roof prevents you from dreaming and wishing and therefore you can no longer reach for the stars. If you see a pillar that supports a roof structure in a dream, you should become aware of your own good basis in life.

If a topping-out ceremony is celebrated in the dream after the roof structure has been erected, changes or a new beginning are probably ahead.

Dream symbol “roof” – the psychological interpretation

If the dream image is interpreted in a figurative sense, then that could also be the case with the roof human brain be meant that, so to speak, closes off the body at the top. In this case, dreaming about a roof is usually a sign of how we deal with our brain and think.

Sometimes the dream image is intended to encourage the dreamer to be crazier and more spontaneous in everyday life by at least briefly turning his head off. Because the roof as a dream image is often a symbol of a very top-heavy mindsetwhere instinct and feeling are often neglected.

If you dream of a leaking roof then it could be of disagreements or Chaos in your brain. Maybe you should organize and structure your thoughts better, or maybe your thoughts are a little crazy. If you see a blocked gutter on the roof, this indicates a mental blockage, according to psychological dream interpreters.

Dream symbol “roof” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation of a roof is also about protection. Here the dream image represents, above all, that Schutz which women used to grant men as keepers of a fireplace.

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