Dessert – dream interpretation

The term “dessert” can mean many types of desserts or desserts. The variants range from fruits such as melon, pomegranate and bananas or pineapple, to various sweet dishes such as ice cream or chocolate, to salty variants such as cheese. The largest selection of desserts is probably offered by a buffet, where you are offered many different variants.

Against this background, when interpreting the dream symbol “dessert”, one should also consider what type of dessert was recognizable. Was it fruit or pudding? Feelings can also play an important role. Maybe you liked something in a dream that you wouldn’t eat in real life?

Dream symbol “dessert” – the general interpretation

Within the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol represents “dessert”. happy omen Especially if the dreamer eats ripe fruit as dessert in his dream, he can look forward to favorable developments in his life in the waking world.

However, an overripe fruit as a dream dessert brings business losses for the dreamer. In some cases, the dessert as a dream symbol can also indicate that the dreamer wants to give in to his weaknesses in waking life.

In addition to fruits, sweets or something similar can also appear as dessert in a dream. For an expanded interpretation, the aspects of the respective dessert should also be taken into account. For example, chocolates as a dessert delicacy while you sleep can symbolize happiness and health.

Eating cream as a dessert with a spoon in a dream shows the dreamer that he has it in his waking life Enjoy things wants what he wants. However, this shouldn’t be a hassle. Yeast dumplings can usually refer to a secure lifetime income. A dream image of a dessert with raisins can often warn against carelessness.

Ice cream as a dream dessert symbolizes the dreamer’s desire to get over an unpleasant experience in waking life. He wants to distract himself from a crisis in his life. Anyone who sees sweets as dessert in a dream is happy about their future plans, which they will soon be able to implement.

According to general dream interpretation, a chocolate dessert as a dream symbol is an expression of one Self-reward. The dreamer wants to treat himself to something in his waking life and thus reward himself for his efforts.

Dream symbol “dessert” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, behind a dream with the symbol “dessert” there may initially be a strong one physical need of the dreaming. For example, it could be a so-called “craving dream” because the dreamer is currently on a diet in the waking world and is now living out his desires on the dream level. Or the dreamer hasn’t eaten dessert for a long time and is now longing for it.

However, if no physical cause can be identified for the dream symbol “dessert”, such a dream can be due to Ability to enjoy of the dreaming. He is aware of the sensual pleasures in his life and knows how to enjoy them. However, anyone who eats a large amount of dessert in their dream receives a psychological warning against wasting too much. A chocolate dessert as a dream symbol usually symbolizes the desire for a physical and mental merger with a loved one.

Dream symbol “dessert” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “dessert” wants to illustrate to the dreaming person that he is… extension his spiritual knowledge feels joy.

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