Chips – dream interpretation

Chips – we love and hate them in equal measure. Because once you’ve succumbed to temptation and opened the bag of chips, you can hardly keep your hands off it and only stop eating when the bag has given up every last crumb.

The desire to nibble is satisfied, the stomach is full and the guilty conscience shows up the next day at the latest when you look at the scales. Didn’t people want to pay attention to more balanced eating and completely remove sweets and snacks from the list of permitted foods? Other people are less worried about such questions. They live as they please and stay slim, even if they consume an excess of calories every day.

Most of us are certainly familiar with these or similar situations. And even though there are countless different, low-calorie and low-fat types of chips available today – as we all know, it’s the dose that makes the difference. But who can close the bag after a handful of nibbles and put it back in the cupboard?

It can even happen that we reach for the delicious chips in a dream. But why? What can chip dreams say about us?

Dream symbol “chips” – the general interpretation

Dreams in which you see yourself eating generally indicate emotions and suppressed needs in dream interpretation. The dream image “chips” is interpreted in a very similar way here. If you nibble chips in a certain dream situation, this can mean that you are in one substitute satisfaction seeks. In the dream world, chips sometimes represent a reward that the dreamer treats himself to because he either doesn’t get it from other people or because he wants to do something good for himself.

If a bag or bowl of chips is taken away from you in a dream, there are probably people in your actual life who begrudge you joy and happiness and use all means possible to make your life miserable. Even a dream situation in which the chips are eaten in front of you should make you sit up and take notice in real life. People you don’t think so are just waiting for the opportunity to upset you with little meanness and throw your harmonious life out of balance.

Hunger can also lead to us seeing a bag of chips in our dreams and making our mouths literally water in the dream world. Chips can appear as a dream symbol especially if you are just sticking to a diet and want to avoid any kind of sweets or unhealthy calories.

Dream symbol “chips” – the psychological interpretation

Feeling disgusted by chips as a dream experience can mean that in reality difficulties has to enjoy life in all its facets. The dreamer is most likely an extremely dutiful and consistent person who rarely allows himself to go too far.

Chips can also be used as a dream image on suppressed people sexual needs indicate. There may be a very noticeable lack of lived sexuality. The dreamer really craves sensual moments and physical devotion.

Eating chips as a dream experience can also ask those affected to pay more attention to themselves and not to allow themselves to be distracted from what is important by substitute actions.

Dream symbol “chips” – the spiritual interpretation

In the transcendent dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chips” also represents one Lack. The dreamer needs more spiritual nourishment in order to continue to grow spiritually.

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