Roof tiles – dream interpretation

The Romans already covered their villas and buildings with clay roof tiles. In the Middle Ages, it was primarily churches and public buildings that were roofed with clay tiles, as the roof tiles also proved to be a fire protection measure. The remaining houses still had a roof made of wood, reeds or grass.

Only important dignitaries could financially afford to tile the roof of their house. The expensive price was due to the very laborious production of the bricks. Due to this fact, roof tiles were almost a kind of status symbol at the time. Nowadays it is no longer unusual for a house to be covered with roof tiles. Rather, it is the standard roof covering and no longer a sign of wealth.

What should the dream symbol “roof tiles” tell you? How can you interpret your dream? What interpretations are there? When interpreting your dream, consider all the details of your dream. Even small things can show you the way and allow you to find the right interpretation.

Dream symbol “roof tiles” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “roof tile” represents one arduous path of life, which the dreamer will endure with a lot of calm. This interpretation has its origins, among other things, in the previously very strenuous production of roof tiles. In addition, the dream symbol “roof tiles” can be interpreted as various confusions and wrong paths interpret in the life of the dreaming. Only if the dreamer has enough endurance and strength can he master it successfully.

If the dreamer sees damaged roof tiles in his dream, then according to the general dream interpretation he has a very bad one difficult path in front of you and that bad luck will predominate in upcoming projects. As a dream symbol, a falling roof tile during sleep indicates that all efforts at the moment are pointless and that the dreamer is just wasting his time. He will have no luck in his endeavors.

If several tiles fall from the roof in a dream, this is a description of one in the general dream interpretation opponentwho wants to trump the dreamer with his intellect.

Dream symbol “roof tiles” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “roof tiles” refers to the psychological interpretation of dreams construction forces of the body. If the dreamer covers the roof of his house with it while sleeping, he is taking care of his personal well-being and health in his waking life. In addition, the dream symbol is a sign to the dreamer of the feeling of Security and the security.

If roof tiles are seen in a dream, the psychological interpretation of the dream interprets this as a given Chancewhich gives dreamers the opportunity to create a good household.

Dream symbol “roof tiles” – the spiritual interpretation

Just as the roof tile protects the house from above, the dream symbol is used in the spiritual interpretation of dreams protecting hand interpreted.

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