GDR – dream interpretation

The German Democratic Republic, known as “GDR” for short, existed between 1949 and 1990. This state emerged from the division of Germany after 1945 and developed out of the Soviet occupation zone. Many East Germans of the older generation still speak Russian because the language was taught in schools in the GDR.

This was also the reason why the GDR was largely dependent on the Soviet Union (today’s Russia) during its 40-year existence. The GDR saw itself as a “socialist state of workers and farmers”, but the state system was not well received by all citizens. That’s why the threatening emigration movement was drastically stopped in 1961 by the construction of the Berlin Wall.

The German Democratic Republic finally came to an end through a peaceful revolution by citizens, which culminated in the fall of the Wall on November 9, 1989. This ultimately led to German reunification, which brought with it completely new challenges for both “Wessis” and “Ossis”.

Dream symbol “GDR” – the general interpretation

If you see the dream symbol “GDR” in connection with an old map in your dream, according to the general dream interpretation you should be thinking of something from the Past remember. Because this detail is important for the dreamer’s current life situation.

If this dream symbol appears to a former citizen of the GDR, it can refer to the dreamer’s longing for old times. These seem easier to the dreamer in his current situation, although they probably weren’t.

If the dreamer is afraid of living in the GDR in his dream, certain things in the waking world scare him Experiences from the past. He hasn’t fully worked through this yet.

If the dreamer sees the wall that divided Berlin during the GDR era in his dream, he has become aware of an obstacle in his life’s path. Besides, it should be his Desire for freedom be shown in the waking world. He may feel restricted in his current life and long for more freedom and self-determination.

A closed GDR border crossing as a dream symbol is, generally speaking, a symbol of restrictions in the standard of living that currently has to be endured in the waking world. An open GDR border, which can be crossed in a dream, often symbolizes the transition into one new phase of life in waking life.

Dream symbol “GDR” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the wall of the GDR embodies one as a dream symbol Distance, which the dreamer builds between his inner self and other people. This can happen both consciously and unconsciously in the waking world. If this is done consciously, the dreamer does not want to reveal everything about himself in waking life.

If the dreamer feels trapped behind the GDR wall in the dream, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, he will receive a hint about his fears and Doubt.

If the dreamer is not allowed to cross the border between East and West Germany in his dream, he should realize that he is not yet ready for a new phase of life. On the one hand, the reasons may lie within oneself. On the other hand, this can also indicate external influences that want to stop the dreamer.

Dream symbol “GDR” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “GDR” as a reference to outdated ones spiritual valueswhich have shaped the life of the dreamer for a long time.

In this context, the border that separated East and West Germany as a dream symbol refers to a part of the dreamer’s self that is still unknown to him and that he cannot yet reach.

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