Gutter – dream interpretation

A gutter primarily collects the rainwater that runs off the roofing. It then drains this water through a funnel and usually via a downpipe. In connection with roof drainage, their task is to prevent damage to the house and to protect house residents and road users from injury or harassment from above.

In areas where water is scarce, the gutter also has another function. It is used to collect rainwater, which is then collected in rain barrels or other water containers for later use.

If it is cold over a longer period of time in winter and the snow thaws in between, icicles often form on gutters, which can be very dangerous depending on their length. If long, pointed cones fall and hit a passer-by or cyclist, they can suffer serious injuries.

You can read about what the gutter may mean as a dream symbol in the following part.

Dream symbol “gutter” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “gutter” often symbolizes Help in an unpleasant situation as well as comfort in unfortunate developments. However, such a dream can also illustrate that the dreamer has become disoriented in his life and is therefore encountering problems and annoyances.

A gutter pouring out water in a dream announces that in the near future, inconveniences in the dreamer’s life will disappear. Anyone who climbs up a gully in their dream will find themselves on a forbidden or forbidden path in their waking life unusual way engage in order to achieve a specific goal. If you slip or fall down, your intended venture will turn out to be a failure.

General dream analysis interprets sliding down a gutter in a dream as a sign that the sleeper can only free themselves from an unpleasant affair in an unusual way. If the dreamer stands under a gutter in his dream, he has to stand up bad luck in love matters.

Dream symbol “gutter” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “gutter” wants to draw attention to the fact that the sleeping person in the waking world is experiencing extraordinary or dangerous paths to realize his plans. He should be aware that this behavior could also develop to his detriment or that he could cause massive harm to himself.

Slowly but steadily climbing up a gutter in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer has to make an effort, but will still reach the desired goal. If the sleeper slips down a gutter, he will have to retreat into a problematic situation. However, by using his creativity, he will get out of it without much trouble. The fall from a dream gutter wants the dreamer to warn. His efforts will be in vain and he will quickly end up back on the ground of reality.

In some cases, climbing a gutter while sleeping can also symbolize the desire for a sexual adventure. One thinks here of the Bavarian custom of “fensterln”. Anyone who cleans a gutter in their dream longs for something clear in the waking world spiritual knowledge. Because these are supposed to help him. A clogged gutter as a dream symbol also indicates wasted effort, because you won’t achieve anything important in real life.

Dream symbol “gutter” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream image of the gutter as a symbol for oneself way out from a spiritual emergency, which the dreamer is supposed to find in the waking world.

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