Intestine – dream interpretation

When our intestines are healthy, we notice very little of them. We only become aware of him when he goes to defecate. Unfortunately, however, very few people live in the happy state of a healthy and happy intestine. Stress, poor nutrition and various illnesses can take a toll on our abdominal organs and severely impair our well-being.

The intestines are said to be the human brain. Because here not only is the food broken down into its components and digested, no, our intestines are truly sensitive when it comes to the emotional mood of the person it inhabits. He feels, suffers and rejoices with us, which he can show in very different ways. Everyone certainly knows the feeling “Butterflies in the stomach” or this intuitive feeling, something “from the gut” to decide, although there is still no cognitive basis for this.

Our intestines are also our largest immune organ. Scientists have now even been able to prove that incorrect bacterial colonization, a so-called dysbiosis, can lead to a variety of physical and psychological problems. Irritable bowel syndrome, physical exhaustion, but also anxiety and depression can be closely related to a disturbed intestinal flora.

If the dream symbol “intestine” now appears in our dream world, we should pay particular attention to it.

Dream symbol “intestine” – the general interpretation

In order to correctly interpret the dream image “intestines”, it is crucial how the symbol appeared in our dreams. Basically, the general dream interpretation sees this as an indication of a possible illness. This is particularly important if the dreamer is actually dealing with stomach pain or discomfort in the abdominal region. He may already be suffering from an intestinal disease, which can also become noticeable at night and extend into his dream experience. A colonoscopy could provide clarity here.

However, you should not always assume that you are sick with the dream symbol “intestine”. If the intestines play a significant role in the dream world, this can also indicate that one is digesting experiences that occurred in waking life.

If the dream is about another person’s intestines, according to dream researchers, this can be an indication to pay more attention to your own experiences and more often Boundaries to put it where one might not have done so far out of consideration.

If you empty your bowels in a dream, this may herald an expected loss. If the intestines are listened to from the outside with a stethoscope in a dream, certain plans will not be able to be implemented in the waking world.

Dream symbol “intestine” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream image “intestine” from the psychological perspective of dream interpretation, the appearance of this organ always has something to do with it Let go to do. Emptying the intestines may show that you are in the process of freeing yourself from baggage or letting go of things or behaviors that are no longer good for you.

If you are tormented by a painful intestine in a dream, you may still be in one Processing process. Something is still heavy in our stomachs, rumbling and pressing inside us, which can mean that we are faced with important decisions that absolutely have to be made.

Stomach dreams that have to do with our intestines should always be viewed with enough attention, because it often has much finer antennae for events than our brain. If you still feel faced with the question of what the intestine wants to tell us in a dream, you should turn to it lovingly in a moment of silence. He often thanks the moment of relaxation with a pleasant rumble in his stomach.

Dream symbol “intestine” – the spiritual interpretation

On a transcendent level, the dream image “intestine” embodies ours Inner guidance and is therefore something like the voice of wisdom.

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