Permanent waves – dream interpretation

A perm uses a chemical transformation process to wave or curl straight hair. Most often, this procedure is carried out professionally in a hairdresser’s shop, but there are also products for home use.

Perms can appear in different “shapes”. Big “Hollywood” waves for long hair, small frizzy curls or bouncy corkscrew curls – almost everything is possible or feasible. However, the texture of the hair and the length of the hair must always be taken into account to achieve the desired effect.

Dream symbol “permanent waves” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream image of “permanent waves” can occur jealousy Clues. The aim is to show the dreamer that he is either jealous himself or causes jealousy in other people.

If you get a perm done by a hairdresser in your dream, you will soon have a constant lover loyal friend find. On the other hand, if you give someone else a perm in a dream, you will soon be jealous yourself.

If the dreamer wants perms as a new hairstyle while he sleeps, then in general he should be longing for one in the waking world new setting or become aware of unpredictable thinking. He wants to think differently than the people around him. However, he should think carefully about this behavior because it could get him into trouble.

If the sleeper’s hair is twisted into curlers for a perm in a dream, he should become aware that he is going in circles when thinking about certain things in waking life. He thinks about something too much or too often because he hasn’t found a suitable solution yet. According to general dream interpretation, in this dream situation the dreamer’s urge to… perfectionism show what he believes will only be achieved through repeated thinking.

Dream symbol “permanent waves” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, permanent waves can appear as a dream image expectations and indicate hopes in the interpersonal area. The dreamer should deal with his emotional world in the waking world in order to better recognize his wishes in this area.

If the dreamer has a perm done while sleeping, this can indicate the beginning of a development in the personality area refer. The affected person’s living conditions may also change, which can also affect their character. If you see a hairdresser doing permanent waves while you sleep, you often want to change your self-image in your waking life.

If the sleeper is happy or even proud of his perm in his dream, then, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, his distinctive hair is said to be his superficiality be aware. Because he places more value on appearances in his life. Combing permanent waves in a dream can also indicate the vanity of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “permanent waves” – the spiritual interpretation

The transcendent dream analysis sees the dream symbol “permanent waves” as a symbol for the imitation natural energies. However, the dreamer will have little spiritual development if he or she clings to counterfeits. He should find his own way to these powers.

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