Dolphin – dream interpretation

The living dolphin (formerly spelled “dolphin”) is a symbol of happiness and healing in the dream world. It indicates a pleasant time and represents the playful side of people. The dolphin already played a role in Greek mythology: it helped Poseidon, the god of the sea, to take Amphitrite as his wife and was then raised into the sky as a constellation.

Today, the lovable, peaceful animals are often used in therapy. You establish contact with the sick person in a short time and strengthen their self-confidence. Swimming with a dolphin can be a situation that also appears in our dream world; The feeling when you wake up from such a dream experience is probably very positive.

The peaceful, very intelligent and social animals belong to the whale family. They are related to the black and white orcas. Many dolphin species are now threatened with extinction or have already become extinct, primarily due to human pollution and dolphin hunting.

But how exactly can these dreams be interpreted? For example, is the rescue of a dolphin a dream symbol that can be interpreted positively? Let’s take a closer look at this dream situation right from the start:

Dream symbol “save dolphin” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Saving a dolphin: A truly good deed as a dream symbol

In dream interpretation, the rescue of a dolphin represents the dreamer’s connection to nature. The dreaming person probably also has a strong sense of conscientiousness and often takes responsibility. The dreamer also cares and puts a lot of effort into relationships with other people. The personal environment and also the partnership are often very important for the person who saves a dolphin in a dream.

Kiss! Dreaming of kissing a dolphin

If the dream kisses a dolphin, he can look forward to good luck in waking life. The dream symbol generally represents hope, liberation and happy situations. Since dolphins symbolize, among other things, femininity and gentleness, the dreamer can also hope for a happy relationship with his or her partner.

If the dolphin is kissed underwater in the dream situation, the kiss means that the sleeper has overcome his fears, is now in inner balance and can confidently face upcoming challenges.

Dream symbol “dolphin” – the general interpretation

The dolphin is a highly intelligent mammal – not a fish – that appears in dreams erotic Relationships and attitudes as well as moral thinking and deep feeling stands. It is therefore not unusual for dolphins to also symbolize pregnancy and sexuality as well as femininity and gentleness.

The dreamer can also generally interpret the appearance of the dolphin as a hopeful sign. They have always been a sudden savior for sailors in times of need.

It is important to remember and even write down every detail of a dolphin dream, as more precise meanings can only be derived from the exact event:

A dead dolphin does not represent happiness at all, but can even affect you Loss Clues. The friendly and playful dolphin, which may even do a somersault in the middle of the ocean or dive up and down quickly, indicates that an extremely nice time is imminent.

Further possible interpretations arise from the different situations that can be experienced in dreams:

  • Swimming with a dolphin: being close to nature
  • Playful interaction with a dolphin: new friendships are made
  • Accompanying a dolphin underwater: this dream reveals a lot about your mental life
  • jumping dolphins: success in life, life is mastered playfully
  • Delphin uses his ultrasound/echo for orientation: setbacks could be imminent
  • Dolphins in cold water: Duties should be taken more seriously again
  • Dolphins in warm water: satisfaction (with the current situation).

Dream symbol “dolphin” – the psychological interpretation

Both Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, both psychoanalysts, described dreams as “a bridge to the unconscious.”

Because the dolphin is not only a symbol of good luck, but with its intelligence and communication skills it also represents that the subconscious tries to communicate with the conscious mind Contact the dreamer may or must deal with his deepest feelings when a dolphin visits him in his dream. The interior of the soul is revealed in this type of dream world.

If a dolphin comes to help in a dream, the… Help probably also needed in everyday life. When you wake up, it’s important to pay attention to who in real life could be the helper in need.

Dolphins even play a role in psychotherapy. They are used to provide relief from severe psychological complaints. If you experience such therapeutic measures in a dream, you probably long for someone wise in real life counselor.

Dream symbol “dolphin” – the spiritual interpretation

The dolphin swims as Spirit animal into the life of the dreamer, he is encouraged to Joy and ease to discover and rediscover in his life. Some goals may be closer than you think.

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