Chameleon – dream interpretation

The chameleon is best known for changing its external color, which allows it to adapt visually to almost any environment very quickly. But its large, independently movable eyes, which can fix a person with their fixed gaze, are also among its most striking features. Most chameleons are predators. With their long, protruding tongues they mainly eat insects, but their prey also includes smaller birds and even members of their own species.

What can it mean if we meet a chameleon in a dream? What does it want to point out to us? Should we adapt in our lives or is there perhaps something more behind it?

Dream symbol “chameleon” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, a chameleon can be seen in a dream fraudulent activities or indicate a transport that is at the expense of others. The dreamer should become aware that his self-centered actions are harming other people and ask himself whether this is worth his career advancement. Because his ruthlessness can quickly make him lonely.

If the dream animal quickly changes color and appears colorful, you should remember the exact colors that the chameleon showed in the dream and interpret these tones individually. If you then put the individual interpretations into a context, an individual dream image emerges.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “chameleon” can also mean a lot moody people symbolize that will cause the dreaming a lot of trouble and difficulties. He should find this person in his environment in the waking world and then try to avoid his proximity. With this approach, the dreamer may be able to avoid some trouble.

The general dream interpretation interprets the sight of a person who has a chameleon with them in a dream as an indication that this is what they are doing Trust not deserved by the dreamer. Because she will look elsewhere if a better opportunity presents itself.

Another interpretation of the chameleon as an animal in a dream is this Self-knowledge of the dreamer that he can adapt very well to given circumstances or situations. With this awareness, the dreamer can now use his ability in a more targeted manner in the future.

Dream symbol “chameleon” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chameleon” is seen as a Warning dream interpreted to the dreamer. It’s supposed to show him that he feels insecure inside and therefore wants to please everyone. But he will not succeed in this. The chameleon in dreams is often also a symbol of indecision and “flippancy.”

If the chameleon is fed and cared for in the dream, the dream should be interpreted psychologically in the waking world more self-critical be with yourself and show more strength of character.

However, if the dreamer rejects the chameleon in the dream, this shows his desire to develop further and to behave more harmoniously towards his fellow human beings.

Dream symbol “chameleon” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chameleon” asks the dreamer to be aware of it primal instincts to become aware and learn how to deal with them. This is the only way he can build a solid foundation on which he can develop spiritually can.

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