Dictator – dream interpretation

In our society we generally associate dictators with negative things. They stand for domineering, relentlessness, control and violence. An entire people must bow to a dictator, otherwise there will be severe punishments. Fortunately, dictators no longer play a very influential role in democratic Germany. Things looked different in Adolf Hitler’s time. The Nazi was one of the worst dictators in world history.

In some people’s dreams it may happen that they dream of the dream symbol “dictator”, sometimes even for several nights in a row. How can this be interpreted? What does the dream symbol “dictator” say about your own personality?

Dream symbol “dictator” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dictator symbolizes in the dream Aggression and Willingness to assert yourself. It is very likely that the dreamer has a very bossy side. He directs this trait either against himself or against others.

In the first case, the dream symbol shows that the person concerned feels strongly about his male counterparts personality traits identified. He wants to be strong and to achieve this he takes strict measures against himself. According to the general interpretation of the “dictator” symbol, he finds it difficult or impossible to admit his mistakes or weaknesses.

On the other hand, it is possible that the dreamer directs his own “dictatorial qualities” in real life not only against himself, but also against others.

In this case, the dictator in the dream represents an indication to reflect on your own behavior towards your fellow human beings and to reconsider whether it makes sense to turn off all humanity and appear bossy and power-seeking towards others. It is very likely that he will irrevocably destroy close relationships, friendships and other contacts and one day find himself lonely and alone. The dream symbol should therefore be seen as urgent, last warning be understood.

Dream symbol “dictator” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychoanalytic opinion, the dictator in the dream also symbolizes one validity and Domineering of the person affected. He wants to try with all his might to get others to follow his ideas and do what he wants.

Especially if the dictator appears very often in the dream, has human traits or is even sympathetic to the dreamer, this is an urgent indication to rethink your own behavior and attitude towards your fellow human beings. Suggestions from others may also help.

The Self-protection, which lies behind this attitude, could sometimes be even better realized. If in real life the dreamer would allow himself to be guided by others, i.e. to drop his own “dictator role” for a moment.

Dream symbol “dictator” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, the dictator is seen in the dream as the part of male shadow side interpreted. This dominates the dream in a less positive way.

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