run away – dream interpretation

If we feel unable to cope with a situation in everyday life, if we are afraid of something or feel threatened, the only solution is often to run away. Even if this shows your own weakness, it can often mean a way out of the bad situation.

Running away is also one of the most common dream symbols. People regularly dream of having to escape from something and trying to get to safety by running away. But how can these nocturnal adventures be interpreted?

Dream symbol “running away” – the general interpretation

According to general interpretation, anyone who runs away from something in a dream is also trying to do something in real life Danger or one Problem to escape. Something is bothering the dreamer or he feels threatened by a certain situation in everyday life and would like to escape it either completely or at least mentally, psychologically.

If you manage to run away in a dream, this can be interpreted as success in real life: the person affected will be able to avoid the problem and deal with it Wishes fulfill. The opposite applies if he doesn’t make any progress in the dream. This in turn could happen soon Sorrow and indicate even greater concerns.

The dream symbol can also refer to a professional aspect. The dream may have difficulty asserting itself in working life or he may have done something wrong that could soon cost him his job. In this case, he should already prepare himself internally for stressful times.

In a young woman’s dream, escaping from something can also be seen as a symbol that she has behaved disloyally or inappropriately and that this will soon result in a separation her lover or partner.

Dream symbol “running away” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, anyone who runs away in a dream also has a problem in real life and may have one Conflict of conscience or has Feelings of guilt. He wants to escape these emotions.

The dream symbol can also refer to a certain responsibility that the person concerned should bear but does not want to. The subconscious asks the dreamer to face the difficulties and with more self-consciousness to bear one’s own burdens.

No matter how difficult the situation is, the person affected can only emerge from it stronger if he no longer avoids the confrontation, but believes in himself and his inner strength and fulfills his obligations. Running away cannot be a permanent solution; the dreamer should urgently become aware of this.

Dream symbol “running away” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual opinion, running away in a dream can be a sign of great things Longing of the person affected for freedom as well as the constant striving for independence. This could take him further on his spiritual path.

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