Epee – dream interpretation

Although the sword is a deadly weapon, we associate it with romance and adventure. In cloak and dagger films – like in the adventures of the three musketeers – the hero fights against all evil forces in order to help the good team win in the end. The elegant weapon is very popular in modern fencing. Epee fencing has even been an Olympic discipline since 1900.

The duel with the sword, which was already known in ancient times as a sporting competition, lost its military significance in the 17th century with the invention of handguns. In the civilian sector, the sword was subsequently often used for self-defense and as a dueling weapon.

Someone who dreams of a sword can use it to protect themselves or to attack others. The emotions associated with the dream can therefore be both fear and aggressiveness. In order to find out the exact meaning of this dream symbol, the detailed circumstances must be taken into account when interpreting the dream.

Dream symbol “epee” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the sword is a strong symbol of distance and individuality. At least you can keep your opponent at a distance with this long weapon.

In addition, the dream symbol “sword” is a symbol of this Separate or separating. It can therefore indicate mental work, as separation allows things to be distinguished from each other and analyzed. On the other hand, you can also be afraid of a separation if, for example, it concerns a relationship.

In the dream, the sword also symbolizes Energy and Striving for power. Anyone who is attacked by someone with a drawn sword must expect an unpleasant confrontation.

If the dreamer holds the fencing weapon himself, fame, honor and joy are in store. The meaning of the dream symbol is increased even further when the dreamer fights with a sword. In dream interpretation, this means that he can skillfully ward off attacks from his living environment.

One humiliation indicates a sword stuck in the scabbard. A violation of honor is expressed with a rusty weapon.

Dream symbol “epee” – the psychological interpretation

Freud saw the sword as the phallic symbol for the penis and the aggressive male drive. For Men can a sword in a dream warning be not to force the satisfaction of sexual needs. The cause of sexual aggressiveness is often personal insecurity.

In dream interpretation, a rusty sword indicates fear of a lack of potency.

Modern psychoanalysis places the emphasis in the dream interpretation of this symbol on the psychological meaning of separation. The dreamer is unconsciously afraid of an actual or just feared separation.

The dream symbol occurs in a dream Frau on, it points to their unconscious fears before sexuality. In dream interpretation, the sword can also express a woman’s longing for a sexually strong, non-aggressive partner or symbolize her exaggerated sexual desires.

Dream symbol “sword” – the spiritual interpretation

In general, weapons are a warning in dream interpretation Caution. As a dream symbol, the sword embodies a level of spiritual power that the dreamer should handle responsibly.

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