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A Chinese person you meet in a dream is likely to bring you an unexpected change. Surprisingly, almost exclusively women dream about the foreign culture; half of them are between 30 and 50 years old, the second half are older. Very young women usually seem to experience different dream themes. Spiritual, erotic and nightmares have the same percentage.

The significance of who dreams of which Chinese situations can be completely different. Unfortunately, a clear, always accurate interpretation is difficult.

However, if you interpret all the dream symbols that you have seen in connection with a Chinese person in your sleep and put them in context with each other, you should come to the best possible interpretation result. So please read the text below first and then use our search function (top right of this page) to find all the other dream images in our lexicon.
As an example: The Chinese man served you food in a dream. Please also search for “food”.

Dream symbol “Chinese” – the general interpretation

If you experience a Chinese person in a dream who deceives other people, is dishonest and devious, this is the dream itself Prejudices against everything foreign. The dreamer is suspicious of people he doesn’t know. In addition, a Chinese man with a bad character can be a warning to be more honest in dealing with business matters.

A nice and friendly Asian in the dream world indicates the opposite: you are open to new experiences and foreign cultures. Merely seeing a Chinese person in the dream plot without being able to assess his character shows what has been achieved Diligence in the past, which will bring the dreamer to the well-deserved goal in the future.

If a Chinese man wears a braid in a dream, this can be an indication that the dreamer will soon be there negotiation skills must prove. Talking to a Chinese person in your sleep can indicate that you Visit who has traveled from far away.

If you eat a meal with one or more Chinese people in the dream world, the sleeper wishes for more wisdom and knowledge. He is curious and wants to have new experiences in order to further develop himself.

Dream symbol “Chinese” – the psychological interpretation

A person raised in China can have a species wise advisor be who guides us on the right path in dreams and gives us clues. It can help us get a little closer to ourselves and ours Interior look more closely than before. The better you can remember the dream image, the more precisely you can break down the different meanings or at least try to do so.

For example, if you imagine that the Chinese represent cunning, then he is a symbol of that Angst, dealing with the wrong person. However, attention should be paid to the exact, concrete feelings during the dream.

Dream symbol “Chinese” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, there is a lot to learn and a lot to discover from a foreign culture. The Chinese can therefore point out how helpful it can be to confidently leave the old paths in order to achieve their goals Personality furtherdevelop.

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