Dietrich – dream interpretation

Lock picks are used to open door locks, so they are a replacement for keys. For this reason, lock picks are also popular burglary tools. Certain locks can be opened secretly without being destroyed. The old key still fits.

Lock picks can also appear as dream symbols. Occasionally people dream of using, finding, or merely seeing one. But what meaning does the tool have in the dream? How is the lockpick interpreted?

Dream symbol “Dietrich” – the general interpretation

Basically, tools in a dream indicate that the person concerned has a high level of practicality intelligence owns. He has the ability to recognize his own resources and possibilities and to use them productively. In this way he can realize his personal lifestyle.

The tool has another meaning in the dream: a lockpick often represents the secret opening of a lock or a back door. For the dreamer, this can therefore be an indication that he is trying Secret to fathom and find out certain hidden things.

In addition, according to general dream interpretation, the lockpick is also an indication that the person concerned is trying to complete a specific task. He may well have asked himself this question. However, it is not possible for him to achieve the goal in an uncomplicated way: he has subconsciously recognized that he may have to rely on a trick, but in any case also on his own cleverness and cunning. Only in this way will he be successful. This is particularly true if the lockpick is consciously seen or used in the dream as a burglary tool.

Also one warning represent dreams in which a lockpick is viewed and examined closely. According to the general opinion, the dreamer will be the victim of theft in the near future. He should therefore try to take good care of his possessions in real life.

However, if you unexpectedly find a lockpick in your dream, you can see this as a positive sign: under favorable circumstances you will be able to prevent a break-in.

Dream symbol “Dietrich” – the psychological interpretation

According to some psychoanalysts, the lockpick represents penetration into one’s own soul or one’s own emotional world.

The dreamer may have (subconsciously) recognized that someone is trying to penetrate this area of ​​themselves. He should try to deal with this situation in real life and consider whether this person can have a place in his life or whether he disapproves of him there.

Dream symbol “Dietrich” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, tools in dreams always symbolize certain emotions, attitudes or character traits of the dreamer.

The locksmith thus sets spiritual aid with the help of which these parts of the personality can be explored and the person affected can gain access to them.

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