Veins – dream interpretation

Veins or blood vessels are essential components of the blood circulation. Like water pipes in a city that bring water into every building, the veins carry blood through our bodies. They sometimes shimmer through the skin and give us a concrete sign that life – in the truest sense of the word – is throbbing through our veins.

Veins - dream interpretation

Why did you encounter the dream symbol “veins” in your sleep? How can it be interpreted? Pay attention to all the details of your dream and include them in the interpretation. What were the appearance and condition of the veins?

What feelings did you have during the dream? You should take all of this into account. Because even a small thing can have a decisive influence on the concrete interpretation of dreams.

Dream symbol “veins” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “veins” is a sign with many meanings. It can generally mean good and bad. If the dream symbol repeatedly occurs to the dreamer in his sleep and he also feels fear, it is advisable to arrange an examination. Because in dream interpretation it can possibly be a reference to a heart disease be interpreted. The dreamer should also not rule out organic impairment of circulation or blood pressure. It is not for nothing that people speak of anxiety and fear as an oppression of the heart.

Without taking into account the nature of the veins during sleep, the mere sight of the dream symbol “veins” symbolizes that one great excitement comes towards the dreaming. This can be both positive and negative.

The veins were swollen in the dream? Then there will soon be something in the waking world Ascension into higher positions of trust. If, on the other hand, the veins in the dream are in a normal state, then the dreamer will be immune to slander and intrigue in waking life.

Veins - dream interpretation

There are further interpretations within the general dream interpretation when the blood flowing in the veins becomes visible in the dream. This means that the sight of your own bleeding veins is a big deal for the dreamer pain bring. This pain can take place on both a physical and mental level.

If the dream symbol appears in connection with a bloodletting, i.e. the removal of blood with a healing background, the general dream interpretation refers to an impending one Streit.

Dream symbol “veins” – psychological interpretation

Veins are the pathways of blood. Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “veins” gives an insight into this emotional life of the dreamer. If the veins are in a resting state during sleep, then the dreamer can also be completely calm in waking life, especially if exciting events are imminent in the waking world. They are handled carefully.

If the veins are visibly throbbing or swollen in the dream, then the dreamer should consciously pay attention to their health. Because according to dream interpretation it means to breathe deeply and “keep your blood calm”, even if the dreamer finds it difficult in the waking world.

Dream symbol “veins” – the spiritual interpretation

The veins as a dream symbol symbolize both in the spiritual interpretation of dreams lifeblood as well as life force.

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