Axis – dream interpretation

We can encounter all sorts of things in our dreams. The dreams are often confusing and after sleep the dreamer desperately tries to make sense of the dream experience. We can dream about complete strangers or our closest relatives, about animals, but also about objects.

It can also happen that we dream of an axle. The axle can be a machine part, for example a rotation axis around which the wheels of a car rotate. Sometimes you can also see the drawbar in a dream, which is attached to an axle and is used for steering. In addition to the concept of the axis in the technical area, there is also the axis of symmetry in mathematics. In geometry, it describes the identical reflection of a figure on an axis.

What does it mean in dream interpretation when dreamers see an axis in a dream? Read more about it below!

Dream symbol “axis” – the general interpretation

You’re not a big fan of technology, but you encountered an axis in your sleep. What is the meaning of the dream symbol of the axis? In order to recognize what the axis means in a dream, the axis must be examined in more detail.

The axle forms part of a car, wheel or moving vehicle and connects rotating wheels to one another. In this sense, the axis in the dream generally represents the Progress and for Movement. This progress can relate to very different areas in the life of the dreamer. For example, this is what the next one says Business under good auspices. Here you can have more self-confidence and dare a lot.

Other general approaches to interpreting axes in dreams are:

  • See the axle of a wagon, well lubricated and without noise: a journey or change is coming, successes will be achieved and obstacles will be overcome
  • broken axle: a planned trip, excursion or business will not go as planned
  • creaking axle: a trip, excursion or business will cause you difficulties
  • smooth running axis: previous problems are overcome
  • Rapidly rotating axis: indicates a brisk lifestyle, perhaps a little more rest would be good for you now.

Dream symbol “axis” – the psychological interpretation

Dreams that show an axis may reveal the way of life of the dreamer. Fast flowing movements show a “brisk way of life”.

A driving condition also indicates the desire Movement and change. You may have a trip or excursion in mind and the time to make it happen may have come.

Dream symbol “axis” – the spiritual interpretation

Axes as special connecting lines play a role in different cultures. For example in the Indian Yantra or the Tibetan Mandala. Axes form here spiritual lines and levels.

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