Armpit hair – dream interpretation

Armpit hair is, still or always, a highly controversial topic today.

Many women, especially, shave their armpit hair, but this trend is also becoming more and more popular among men. Many people view the hair in their armpits as unkempt or can’t even imagine growing hair there. For others, it’s completely natural to keep their armpit hair and not remove it. Some people, on the other hand, view overgrown armpit hair as a political statement.

If armpit hair plays a role in the dream, what is relevant to the dream interpretation is how the dreamer feels about this part of his body. Does he find it unpleasant? Or does he not give much thought to this topic?

Dream symbol “armpit hair” – the general interpretation

If armpit hair plays a special role in a dream or grows particularly strongly, this can mean that the dreamer Schutz will find or desire one.

Traditionally, armpit hair is also seen as a sign of prosperity and financial success; the money could primarily come from family members. If they grow very strongly, they indicate busyness. This interpretation is especially true if the dreamer does not generally find armpit hair to be something repulsive.

A negative interpretation of the dream image says that armpit hair is for Enemies can stand, the more and denser the hair, the more the dreamer will have to struggle with it.

However, if the armpit hair falls out or becomes very thin, the dream symbol represents a setback. This failure can take place in the dreamer’s job or in his private life.

If other people play a role in the dream, the dream symbol refers to interpersonal relationships. Since the armpit is a very intimate part of the body, it speaks for itself familiar relationship, when the dreamer shows his armpit hair to someone in the dream and vice versa. In dream interpretation, this represents trust and the feeling of not having to hide from others. Therefore, a lot can be learned from such dreams about the dreamer’s relationship to the people around him.

Dream symbol “armpit hair” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol often points to the male parts of the dreamer. These can be perceived as both animalistic and assertive.

Dreams one Frau, who usually shaves her armpits, has long, growing armpit hair, so she is engaging with her masculine side. Both sides are important for a balanced personality, the female as well as the male.

On the other hand, the dream can tell the dreamer a lot about his relationships. The armpit is a less socially acceptable part of the body. Letting someone see her, especially when she’s hairy, is a testament to her Trust and a feeling of security. The dreamer can share secrets with this person.

If someone else shows him his armpit hair, this person also trusts him or feels free and relaxed in the presence of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “armpit hair” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, armpit hair represents the intimate Sides of life and for that male principle.

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