Achilles tendon – dream interpretation

The Achilles tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon in humans. At the same time, it is a very sensitive area as it runs directly along the back of the heel. If it tears or is injured in an accident, we are hardly able to put one foot in front of the other. However, this will usually only happen after a long period of excessive stress, as sometimes occurs in sports, for example. A healthy Achilles tendon that has not been damaged due to incorrect loading or external influences can withstand enormous tensile forces.

The name of the Achilles tendon comes from the hero Achilles from Greek mythology, whose only vulnerable point was his heel. Is this already an indication of how the Achilles tendon can be understood as a dream symbol? What does the dream interpretation say when we dream about the Achilles tendon?

Dream symbol “Achilles tendon” – the general interpretation

The Achilles tendon as a dream symbol refers to a very sensitive or sensitive part of the dreamer. This weak spot can refer to the personality of the dreamer, he has certain characteristics that make him vulnerable. He is probably aware of these characteristics, but he should work more on himself. If the dreamer injures their Achilles tendon in their dream, this indicates one regression However, he cannot achieve good results at the moment.

The dream image can also represent a weakness on his part, because of which he is being exploited by other people; the dream can express fears that one’s own weak points will be discovered. In some cases, a dream about the Achilles tendon can also indicate expected damage or impending danger.
If the dream injures someone’s Achilles tendon, this usually represents a warning not to act rashly Enemies to accomplish.

The weakness embodied by the Achilles tendon does not always have to be a character weakness. Another possible interpretation is that the dream is planning a project Plan but has a weak point. The dream may have overlooked an important detail or misjudged something. The dream alerts him to re-examine his plans.

Dream symbol “Achilles tendon” – psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol points to the fears of the dreamer. He sees himself as inadequate and he is overly aware of his weaknesses and small mistakes. In his eyes, he is always on the verge of exposure, he awaits and fears the moment when others will discover his weak point, his Achilles heel. In his mind, they will take advantage of him or otherwise harm him, so he has to keep his sensitive sides as secret as possible.

In other cases, the Achilles tendon can be a sensitive perception of the subconscious. The dreamer feels that he should behave less openly and naively, perhaps he also perceives antipathy from others.

Dream symbol “Achilles tendon” – the spiritual interpretation

The Achilles tendon also opens up in the dream on the spiritual level of dream interpretation personal weaknesses Attentive, the dreamer can still improve in his spiritual development.

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