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The abdomen is the part of the body that lies between the rib cage and the pelvis. In anatomical terminology, the stomach is called the “abdomen”. In the abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm, there are important organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and the entire intestinal tract.

A beautiful, toned and flat stomach with a well-shaped belly button is now considered the ideal of beauty. And who wouldn’t want to live up to this ideal? But genes, illnesses, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and being overweight are often reasons why a stomach often increases in volume over the years. Men in particular have to struggle with the so-called “beer belly” as they get older.

If you see a stomach in a dream, whether flat or fat, then the question arises: What does the dream symbol “stomach” want to tell you? Why did you dream about this? When interpreting your dream, pay attention to all the details of your dream and include them.

The open stomach, into which one can look in the dream world, is experienced by many sleepers. If you want to know what this dream situation means, read our short interpretation below. Anyone who has experienced another dream with a stomach will find answers in the text below: in the general interpretation.

Dream symbol “belly” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The open stomach, not uncommon in dreams

The dream symbol “open stomach” indicates worries, frustration and disadvantageous changes in the waking world. In the professional area, developments can take an unforeseen direction. The negative consequences of a wrong decision can be felt in private. Anyone who dreams of looking into their own open abdomen may in reality lose all hope and may perish due to melancholy. The symbol can also be understood as an indication to take better care of your own body and to recognize any health problems at an early stage.

Dream symbol “belly” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “stomach” illustrates in general dream interpretation that the dreamer has a dream in the waking world Matter “digested” or processed. One thing that literally matters to him “in the stomach” has been lying is finished and he can move on to new, more pleasant things.

As a body-related dream, the stomach in the dream sometimes indicates a possible illness in the dreamer for which there have not yet been any signs, or a false one Nutrition which can lead to illness. In a dreaming woman, a big belly can indicate a desired or actually just experienced pregnancy.

The sight of a stomach in a dream shows the dreamer that he has adopted common views. If the dreamer lies on his stomach in the dream, the general dream interpretation shows him that he will soon have to expect a slight illness. The sight of a big, fat and full belly in a dream means to the dreamer that his Assets will grow steadily in the future, be it through profits or our own earnings.

According to general dream interpretation, a morbidly swollen stomach in a dream indicates serious illnesses. On the one hand, an empty and lean stomach in a dream symbolizes losses in financial matters. On the other hand, the dream symbol in this context is a warning to the dreamer that he should not take any big risks.

An umbilical hernia, which can occur in both newborns and adults, signals separation from parents or the parental home. The emotional dependence reaches a healthy level and the dreaming person learns to symbolically “stand on their own two feet”.

Abdominal pain usually symbolizes an unhealthy diet or warns of excessive body focus and sexuality. There may be a risk of sex addiction if other signals indicate this. Anyone who takes laxatives in a dream to get rid of the pain and to empty the bowels when defecating on the toilet will soon be able to solve real problems.

If a stomach ulcer plays a role in the dream experience, difficulties and worries can probably be expected soon. As a dream image, the cancer tumor in the abdominal cavity warns of an emotional problem that is deeply rooted.

Dream symbol “stomach” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream interpretation often interprets the dream symbol “stomach” as one Soul dreamthat is, the soul wants to show the dreamer that he has now processed a psychologically stressful experience.

In addition, the dream symbol is often seen as a sign of physicality, Passion or interpreted the material things of life. That is why the size of the upper body and thus the stomach in the dream illustrates how much the dreamer is dominated by the inclinations mentioned or that he should not suppress them too much.

Sometimes the dream symbol in the psychological interpretation of dreams also means that now the time has come for stressful or repressed things Memories to process. The dreamer should also be more intuitive or “from the gut” react and not constantly look for the meaning behind your longings. If the dreamer consciously sees the stomach of another person in the dream, he should pay more attention to this person in the waking world and pay attention to his feelings.

A sunken stomach in a dream or feelings of hunger show the dreamer that he is sensually dissatisfied. He should pay more attention to himself here. If the dreamer’s stomach is bloated and painful while sleeping, the psychological dream interpretation interprets this as necessary Zornausbruch or necessary open conversation by the dreamer.

The sight of a big belly, which the dreamer finds repulsive, or a feeling of fullness and the urge to vomit are seen as Reluctance or sexual weariness. The dreamer should return to normal as quickly as possible. If a pregnant woman has a round belly in the dream world, the sleeper can look forward to good news in reality.

A smooth stomach that is perceived as pleasant in a dream symbolizes to the sleeper that he has found his physical-sexual satisfaction or his desire for this very state. For women, the dream symbol “belly” can also be a symbol of fertility or pregnancy can be interpreted.

If you are hit in the stomach with a ball, such as a handball, in a dream, you will probably have difficult times ahead. Abdominal surgery often signals the danger of a rash act. Your own basic attitude towards a current topic and your diet should also be checked.

A noticeable tattoo on the stomach can represent a psychological burden that the person concerned is carrying around with them. It is important to ensure that this is processed. Likewise, a dreamed fatal knife stab in the abdomen indicates such a stress or a traumatic experience.

Dream symbol “belly” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the stomach in the dream is a symbol of sensuality and sexual excitement. It also symbolizes the vital center.

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