Stomach pain – dream interpretation

Abdominal pain is a symptom that can have a variety of causes. Sometimes a meal is heavy on the stomach. Women often experience discomfort during and before their period. In addition to diarrhea and vomiting, a gastrointestinal virus can also cause abdominal cramps. Stress can also cause stomach pain or fear of an exam.

Most of the time the pain goes away on its own, but sometimes medical intervention is necessary, for example in the case of appendicitis. Chamomile tea can also be a good choice for stomach pain.

If someone dreams of a stomach ache, they may actually be feeling unwell. Or maybe an upcoming event is worrying him. The current difficulties and conflicts in the dreamer’s life play a central role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “stomach pain” – the general interpretation

Stomach pain in a dream can be an indication from the subconscious of an actual physical illness that has not yet been noticed in waking life. The dream symbol also sometimes appears in connection with an unhealthy diet. According to popular dream interpretation, the dream image is above all one warning against an overemphasis on physicality and sexuality.

These are for dream analysis accompanying circumstances the stomach pain in the dream is revealing. If the body is painfully bloated even though the stomach is empty, the dreamer deceives others into believing that he is wealthy even though he has very little. If hunger causes pain, the dream symbol heralds a gloomy future full of hardship and worries.

According to the general dream interpretation, the digestive organs located in the abdominal area represent the processing of past events as well as the attitude towards future ones. The dream image confronts the sleeper with the question of what experiences or information he still has to digest. He shouldn’t expect too much from himself and should take regular breaks.

According to dream analysis, particularly severe stomach pain in the dream portends a surprisingly positive future Development close in reality. Business may develop particularly successfully or your professional career may receive an unexpected boost. The dream symbol can also announce pleasant surprises in private life.

Dream symbol “stomach pain” – the psychological interpretation

Within psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol serves primarily to convey hidden or hidden things to the sleeping person repressed fears to become aware of the symptoms that often manifest themselves in reality in the form of abdominal pain. The stomach with all the organs within it is a symbol of sensuality and sexuality as well as physicality and material values. It also forms a center for emotions and reacts extremely sensitively to negative stimuli.

Being plagued by stomach pain in a dream indicates unprocessed experiences and mental injuries in real life. They weigh heavily on the dreamer’s stomach and burden him emotionally. According to dream interpretation, the dream image is an invitation to deal with negative experiences. This is the only way they can be processed.

If the body also swells, the dream image is, according to dream analysis, a sign that the sleeper has certain needs and urges suppressed. With the dream, his subconscious asks him to give in to his own wishes more often and to live out his desires in a controlled manner. At the same time, the dream symbol “stomach pain” warns against excessive sexuality.

Dream symbol “stomach pain” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “stomach pain” signals one Disturbance in the dreamer’s vital center. According to spiritual dream interpretation, sensuality and sexual power suffer from the high spiritual pressure to which the sleeping person is currently exposed.

If the pain leads to vomiting, this is a symbol of freedom from all negative influences.

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