Beard – dream interpretation

A beard is caused by hair growth on the chin, around the mouth, on the cheeks and in the upper neck area. Once a man reaches puberty, his beard hair usually begins to sprout, and if you don’t want to have a full beard, you have to trim the stubble regularly with a razor or razor blades. Some women also develop fine hairs on their upper lip; this form of beard is called “lady’s beard”.

For thousands of years, the length and shape of a beard has not only been subject to the individual tastes of its wearer, but also to fashion and cultural influences. There is the side beard, the toggle beard, the Mongolian beard or the three-day beard and the mustache or moustache, which is still popular today. The full beard has also come back into fashion.

There are different methods to shave a beard. You can also grab a razor yourself or go to a barber (a hairdresser for men).

We often see an old man with a long, white beard in our dreams, whom we unconsciously turn to for advice. But what does this dream want to tell us? What does the dream symbol “beard” stand for?

Dream symbol “beard” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “beard” means something satisfactory for the dreamer living conditions. If the dreamer sees himself with a strong beard while sleeping, this shows him that he can look forward to good health. The fuller and stronger the beard is in the dream, the more favorable his stars are. A long beard in a dream indicates success in business matters.

A white beard in a dream is a symbol of wisdom and can create respect and shyness in dreams. What is important for the dreamer in this dream situation is who he sees with a white beard. A gray beard in a dream can herald quarrels and the dreamer can become a victim of ridicule and scorn in waking life. A black beard in a dream is also an indication of good health. A red beard while sleeping, on the other hand, indicates arguments but also false friends.

If another person pulls the dreamer’s beard in a dream, he may be taking a risk in waking life. He may also lose part of his assets. Cutting off your beard in a dream by another person indicates financial setbacks.

If the dreamer cuts off his beard himself in the dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as intentional infliction of harm. In addition, this dream situation can show the dreamer that he is afraid of the dream in waking life Loss of his strength and masculinity. Beard hair falling out means losses, both materially and emotionally.

Plucking out one’s beard in a dream indicates to the dreamer that he has to pay his debts and satisfy his creditors in the waking world. If the dreamer sees himself beardless while sleeping, even though he has a beard in the waking world, the general dream interpretation interprets this as the pursuit of bad intentions.

Cleaning and combing your beard in a dream symbolizes the increasing arrogance of the dreamer in the waking world because of his wealth. He should think about his behavior towards his former friends. As a dream image, a beard care product with castor oil can often indicate the bitterness in life.

A beard in a dream that begins to sprout can be seen as one improvement the general well-being or the general living conditions can be interpreted. If a man gives away his beard to a woman in a dream, the dream symbol symbolizes a possible loss of potency. A beard in a dream on a young girl predicts the loss of a lover in the waking world.

If a male dreamer sees a woman’s beard in a dream, then he must exercise caution, especially towards women. He will face annoyances and repressed memories, and possibly even a long-term illness. If a woman sees a beard on another woman in a dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as a longing for security and safety in a bearded man in the waking world.

Dream symbol “beard” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams places the dream symbol “beard” as a sign of masculine Strength and power out of. A full and well-groomed beard in a dream symbolizes fatherly protection for the dreamer. If the beard is also white in the dream, it also represents experience and the wisdom of old age as well as level-headed dominance, possibly even holiness.

At the same time, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “beard” can also show a tendency towards aggressive behavior. A beard can often be seen in a dream as putting on one maskbehind which the dreamer wants to hide his innermost being, can be interpreted.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, an unkempt or sparse beard symbolizes masculine insecurity and inexperience as well as a childlike one Need for recognition in all areas of life. If the dreamer sees himself with a beard while sleeping, this can show his desire to react more courageously or boldly in an uncertain matter. He may also want to appear more attractive to women.

Shaving off a beard in a dream shows the dreamer his fear of losing his masculinity or failing sexually in front of others. Losing a beard in a dream symbolizes distancing oneself from old prejudices and views. If the mouth is visible to the dreamer in addition to the beard in the dream, the psychological interpretation of the dream interprets this as that feminine side of the character.

The sight of a white, full beard in a dream is the classic image of wisdom. The dream symbol can indicate your own unconscious or a person to whom the dreamer can turn as an advisor.

Dream symbol “beard” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “beard” symbolizes the masculine energy and is a sign of bravery and wisdom.

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