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Showering regularly, washing your hands and cleaning your clothes is part of everyday life for the vast majority of people. However, it happens comparatively often that we not only take care of our personal hygiene and care in real life, but also on the level of our dreams. However, if we wash ourselves here and soap ourselves thoroughly, this rarely encourages us to be even more clean in our waking life. Rather, there is a symbolic meaning behind such dreams.

So what does it say specifically about us and our lives when we soap ourselves in the dream situation? And what conclusions can be drawn from dreams in which another person is involved, i.e. in which we lather someone else or are lathered by them?

Dream symbol “soap” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dream symbol “soap up” refers to the general interpretation of dreams Fraud and deceit. The specific circumstances in the dream situation must be taken into account. Dreaming of soaping another person shows that the sleeper is too exclusive himself selfish actions tends. In order to enforce one’s will and achieve one’s goals, the dreamer can use any means.

According to general dream interpretation, the opposite applies if you are being soaped by someone or showering with someone in the dream situation. In these cases you run the risk of harming yourself exploit allow. The dream image of “soaping” calls you to question the actual intentions of some people more closely. Who is really serious about dreaming? And for whom is it perhaps just a means to an end?

Dream situations in which you soap yourself also warn against the spread of Lie. Someone close to you could tell untruths about the dreamer. It won’t be easy to defend yourself against this.

Dream symbol “soap” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams often interprets the image of “soaping” as a symbol of one Reprocessing. Anyone who soaps themselves in a dream wants to come to terms with themselves. The dreamer feels burdened by a certain situation in the past. He may also have feelings of guilt or a bad conscience. The dreamed soaping shows that he is consciously dealing with this and finally manages to detach himself. He figuratively washes away the dirt of what he has experienced.

However, if you soap another person in the dream situation or are soaped by them, this can symbolize a reappraisal of the relationship. In such cases there is no internal psychological imbalance, but rather an external problem. The interpersonal connection is disrupted by an event, conflict or circumstance. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “soap” makes it clear that a Restart is still possible in the relationship.

Rarely, some psychoanalysts interpret dreams about soaping up as a subconscious examination of sexual experiences. In these cases, the foaming soap symbolizes the dream seminal fluid of the man.

Dream symbol “soap” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream analysis, the symbol “soap” means that the dreamer is getting rid of something negative in his life Past solves.

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