Diabetes – dream interpretation

The so-called blood sugar disease, diabetes mellitus, is divided into two types. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which the islet cells of the pancreas are destroyed. Type 2, the much more common form, is partly due to genetic causes and partly due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In both forms, the body’s own hormone insulin plays a central role and is responsible for sugar metabolism. Symptoms of the disease include constant thirst, fatigue, poorly healing wounds and a particular susceptibility to infections. Therapy for type 2 diabetes primarily consists of a change in diet, more exercise and taking medication. For type 1, continuous treatment with insulin injections is usually necessary.

A dream about an illness such as diabetes can greatly unsettle the dreamer. He wonders whether he might be suffering from a serious illness. Maybe he was actually dealing with this topic. Maybe he actually doesn’t feel healthy. The aspect of illness and its healing is particularly important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “diabetes” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, sugar represents enjoyment and the comforts of life. However, it can also harm the body. The dream symbol “diabetes” expresses the dreamer’s concern about seeing things themselves sweeten and thus distort it into the positive. This can result in disadvantages for him. The dream also lays down the Shadow sides of prosperity such as envy and jealousy.

In addition, the dream symbol “diabetes” indicates a lack of well-being. When interpreting dreams, the dreamer is faced with the question of how his life is sick and how it can recover.

If you suffer from diabetes in a dream, you may find yourself in a situation that is different from your own Urge for activity restricted. The dream symbol can also draw attention to the fact that the dream is lacking essential things. According to dream interpretation, these can be personal wishes or plans.

In diabetes, the sugar level in the blood is increased. The dream symbol warns that the vitality of the dream is threatened or diminished by external circumstances. In popular dream interpretation, illness is often seen as a positive signal. The dream symbol promises success in business as well as favorable health development.

Dream symbol “diabetes” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, diabetes represents forbidden joys and remorse. With the dream symbol, the subconscious makes its presence felt in the dream inner contradiction attentive. The dreamer tries to sweeten everyday life and feels guilty about it. This mental stress, in turn, is expressed in the dream as the disease diabetes.

In addition, the dream symbol can be a sign that the dreamer cannot deal well with certain emotions, memories or aggression. According to the dream interpretation, treating the disease with medication in a dream shows the need for protection and Help.

The poor blood values ​​associated with the dream symbol “diabetes” also indicate a disturbance in one’s own conscious perception as well as in social and sexual relationships.

Dream symbol “diabetes” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “diabetes” symbolizes the dreamer’s longing for awareness and spiritual rejuvenation. The fulfillment of this wish is jeopardized by the fact that he currently lacks spiritual clarity.

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