Lady – dream interpretation

If a woman is called a lady, then she is usually dressed particularly elegantly and behaves in a distinguished manner. Checkers can also be a strategic board game with that name, the game of checkers. You can also meet a lady with the playing cards and the pieces in chess.

In addition, a lady can appear in a dream, for example in connection with times long past. A lady’s visit can also be seen, where a man receives his lady of hearts. It is always important to interpret all dream symbols experienced and then relate them to one another.

Have you also dreamed of a lady and would like to interpret this dream? Then take a look at our most common dreams about the symbol as well as the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation of the lady dream!

Dream symbol “lady” – The most common dreams about the symbol

What did the lady look like in the dream?

The lady’s beard – a nightmare for women!

If a woman dreams of seeing another person with a lady’s beard, she may have a great longing for a male partner. If she has a beard herself, she may want to hand over some of her tasks, which are overwhelming for her, to a man. The woman’s beard in a man’s dream represents a dominant woman in the dreamer’s real life.

An old lady appears in a dream

When an old lady appears in the dream world, she often reminds you to reflect. Furthermore, such an older lady in a dream can represent a warning about negative characteristics. Especially in men’s dreams, an old woman in the company of ladies can also represent professional success and happiness in love.

Lady in Black: what is she doing in my dreams?

In dream interpretation, the lady in black is considered a rather negative dream symbol. If the sleeping person is confronted with a black lady in a dream, this warns of a female person in their life who has dark character traits but appears to be seemingly friendly on the outside.

The dream lady in the white dress

Anyone who had to deal with a lady in white or a lady in a white dress in a dream runs the risk of being hurt by a female person in waking life. But if it was a lady in a wedding dress or wedding dress, this may herald a new friendship as well as happiness and success.

Dream interpretation: lady in red

A lady in red symbolizes passion and liveliness in the dream world, although there can always be a hidden sexual component. As a dreaming person, seeing a lady in a red dress can be interpreted as a symbol of one’s own striving for prestige and power.

Dreaming about a sanitary napkin

Have you encountered a sanitary napkin in a dream situation? Then it is quite possible that a change will soon occur in your life. This can definitely be positive. Furthermore, the panty liner in the dream symbolizes different hidden feelings that you should deal with.

Women’s shoes: shopping time in the dream world!

In dream interpretation, women’s shoes generally represent the current position in life, which may be characterized by a certain alienation from one’s own life situation. In addition, various women’s shoes can appear in dreams: high heels represent the desire for attention, boots emphasize the stability of the person concerned.

Dream symbol “lady” – the general interpretation

The lady is an elegant woman who appears very distinguished in her charisma and behavior. If such a lady appears in the dream world, she often symbolizes alienation from life and points out that in waking life the dreamer is often impressed and deceived by external appearances. If the lady also wears a signet ring in the dream, this can warn against excessive vanity.

If the checkers board appears in the dream world, then this dream image heralds a fun company. If the dreamer plays checkers, then his business success will be rather unstable and can even be serious difficulties come.

The game of checkers also warns of strangers who can cause problems or even harm the dreamer in the waking world. If the dreamer wins the game, then he will also have success in waking life, but it will be rather doubtful ventures be.

Dream symbol “lady” – the psychological interpretation

Men in particular often dream of an unknown lady who appears in the dream world and acts aloof. If the dreamer wants to approach her in the dream in order to get into social or sexual contact with her, then this shows the desire for something social Ascension or for an erotic and witty one adventure.

The lady in the dream often appears both fascinating and impressive as well as threatening and almost frightening to the dreamer. This shows the dreamer’s fear of female superiority and sometimes of all other typically female characteristics that are a mystery to him. In this case, this dream image is a dream of inferiority.

If a rather motherly lady appears in the dream world, then dream research also interprets this as insecurity, but this time with a desire for security.

In women’s dreams, a dominant, commanding mother may appear as a lady who appears unattainable and is feared rather than loved. If the lady in the dream world is dressed in a more feminine way, then this can also indicate an insecurity regarding her own femininity and her own partner.

If a lady appears in the dream, then according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, care must always be taken to ensure that this dream image is not the one own Mutter symbolized.

Dream symbol “lady” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the lady is seen as overpowering mother interpreted.

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