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You often see him in classic Hollywood love films: the heroic man who risks his own life to protect that of the woman he loves. The hero fears no pain or danger, resists evil just to know that the person in his heart is safe and protected.

The desire and inner urge to help someone is often referred to as protective instinct. This term is usually associated with typically male character traits and perhaps also traditional forms of behavior. A man has to protect a woman, because women are still said to be the weaker sex and therefore dependent on the assistance and support of a man. Even helpless people such as children or old people are instinctively protected – by the way, the same applies to and with animals. The larger protects the smaller, the superior protects the inferior.

The need to protect someone who is in need and needs our help is inherent in many people since birth – regardless of whether they are men or women. A mother will always do everything to protect her baby, a father will protect his child, a dog will protect his master.

We can also dream about protecting someone. But how does the dream interpretation interpret this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “protect” – the general interpretation

Dream situations that involve protecting someone appear very often in the dream world. If it is you who is being protected by another person, the dream interpretation sees this as a positive indication of one love relationship or close friendship, which offers the dreaming a protective framework and in which he can feel safe and protected.

If you see a neutral, protective person in your dream, such as a night watchman, this symbolizes a conflict in your waking life, about the outcome of which the worried dreamer is unsure.

If you feel danger in a dream, whether visible or as a foggy, shadowy feeling, and you want someone at your side to give us protection in the event of an attack from outside, this dream experience shows that you are strong Wish the dreaming person after one secure hold and permanent place in life. These are often people who are very insecure about themselves and always need someone at their side who gives them the feeling that they have everything under control and can defy life’s adversities. The “strong shoulder”, the person who stands like the proverbial “rock in the surf” and with whom we can feel safe.

However, not only can you protect a person in a dream, an animal also sometimes needs to be protected or saved from danger. Anyone who helps an animal has a high level of social skills. The dreamer understands how to deal with people, can empathize with other people and is therefore popular.

Other dream symbols can also flow into the dream image of “protecting”: What is one being protected with? Maybe through an umbrella that protects us from rain and storms, the safe roof on the house or even through a weapon with which we courageously defend another person to protect their life? It can also be small things with a protective function that appear in dreams: The eyelashes protect our eyes from foreign bodies.

Such dream situations can actually appear very often in the dream world and also offer the dreamer the opportunity to analyze his dream individually and to shed more light on all levels of the dreamed situation through precise interpretations of all the dream images that appear in the dream.

Dream symbol “protect” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “protect” from a psychological perspective, it often has a close connection to the topic Self-protection. When you protect someone and express your caring side, you reveal a part of your personality that has an urgent need to protect yourself from injury or grief.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer is protected by another person in the dream, the knowledge is reflected here on an unconscious level that in his human existence he is always protected by a higher power and can be sure of this with complete trust.

Another aspect of the psychological dream interpretation of the dream image “to protect” raises the question of whether the need to protect someone is not actually the desire to do so control stands. There may be a parallel here to the dreamer’s real life, in which he may unconsciously choose weak people in order to be able to protect them, but on a deeper level he needs the feeling of being the one who exercises control.

A protective instinct can also quickly turn into a helper syndrome, in which the helper suffers from a severe lack of self-worth and tries to compensate for this through his tireless commitment to others. However, he ignores the fact that the alleged victim does not want to be protected at all.

If you find a dream about clothing to be calming because you feel warm and protected, your own weak points and vulnerable aspects of your soul are also shielded from the environment. Over the years, the person affected has probably developed a strategy to appear stronger to the outside world than they actually are. In dreams, a warm wool blanket symbolizes the longing for comfort, a hug and encouragement.

According to psychological dream interpretation, anyone who retreats into a simple, protective dwelling in a dream scene, for example a hut, cave or igloo, is in harmony with themselves. Even in difficult life situations, they do not despair, but instead reflect on their inner haven of peace.

Dream symbol “protect” – the spiritual interpretation

From the perspective of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “protect” stands for universal protection and divine assistance.

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