Farmer – dream interpretation

The farmer is engaged in agriculture. He produces plant or animal products in his fields and on his farm, which are mostly used as food. Depending on his focus, he is also called arable farmer or livestock breeder.

You can also meet the farmer in the dream world. Perhaps he works with a harrow and plow, later with a scythe and flail, or devotes himself entirely to working with his animals: he cleans manure from the stable, scatters fresh straw and feeds his livestock. The interpretation depends heavily on the dream plot and the living conditions of the dreamer in the waking world, which is why you should remember as many dream details as possible and think about what is currently bothering you in life.

Dream symbol “farmer” – the general interpretation

The farmer is often interpreted as a dream image as a reference to the dreamer’s longing for nature and a simple life. In this context, the farmer always symbolizes Earth connection with life and also with its natural rhythms. If the dream sees a farmer at work or driving a tractor or crawler tractor, then he will have a good and secure future in the waking world. If a farmer’s wife appears, then a lot awaits the dreamer Luck in waking life.

If the dreamer meets a young farmer in his sleep, it means that he will have luck and success in both his professional and private life. This interpretation also applies when he sees a young farmer at work.

However, if an old farmer appears in the dream world, they quit difficulties and problems that will hinder the dreamer from moving forward. If the dream sees the old farmer at work, the dream will have to work hard and strenuously in the waking world and have a lot of trouble to make ends meet.

If the dreamer works as a farmer in the dream world, then he will make good progress in life using honest means. However, if he is cheated by a farmer, he faces ridicule in the waking world. A deal with a farmer promises the dreamer a long life, while a conversation with a farmer about the dreamer reveals that he is arrogant. However, it is positive if the dream travels with a farmer, because then an unexpected inheritance is announced.

If the farmer operates a mowing machine in the dream, this can indicate favorable changes that the dreamer is striving for.

Dream symbol “farmer” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the farmer is a symbol of the Closeness to nature and security is interpreted. If the dreamer in the waking world also lives in the country and perhaps knows the cozy atmosphere of a rustic farmhouse, there is often a direct connection to his surroundings in the dream plot. However, if the dreamer lives in a big city, then this dream image encourages the dreamer to connect more with nature again.

Often the dreamer is looking for satisfaction in life when the farmer appears as a dream image. In this case, the search for harmony with nature is to be understood as harmony with one’s own personality.

However, if the dreamed farmer is old and sick, then he is pointing out serious Problems in the life of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “farmer” – the spiritual interpretation

The farmer is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a connection mother Nature interpreted.

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