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Farmers in particular know the great importance of a field – colloquially often simply called a field. Because they are the ones who use the area to grow grain, rapeseed and corn, as well as potatoes and beets, for example, and earn their living with it. But even those who are not farmers themselves and who perhaps only rarely see a field as a city dweller often have indirect contact with fields – after all, many of the foods we eat every day, such as bread, potatoes or cooking oil, have their origins in a field.

As a cultivated area, the field goes through several phases in the course of a harvest cycle, which usually follow the seasons: An uncultivated field that is plowed by the farmer with a farm implement in the spring and sowed with seeds, bears fruit in the summer and autumn and finally after the Harvest usually remains bare throughout the winter. In the past, the grain was harvested with a scythe or sickle, but today there are a variety of machines for this purpose. These different phases can be reflected in a dream about a field and can therefore also have an influence on what it means when you dream about a field.

Dream symbol “field” – the general interpretation

Basically, your dream of a field can have very different interpretations, so that with this dream symbol the circumstances of the dream are of great importance. Or was the dream perhaps even reeds?

For example, if the field is unplowed and no plants grow on it, there could be a reference to the dream interpretation female gender exist and there is particularly a connection to virginity just as the field without seed is still virgin.

A dream of a field that has not been cultivated could also be for failure stand for which the dreamer himself is responsible because he has not cultivated his field at all or has not cultivated it correctly. In a figurative sense, the dream symbol could indicate that the dreamer may not have handled his abilities correctly, has not used them or developed them further and is therefore not making any progress in life.

But sometimes it is also the case that there are numerous stones in a field in the dream, which are probably in the way of the farmer while he is doing his work. This dream image is often a sign that you have some… Obstacles could be imminent and – figuratively speaking – you first have to clear the obstacles out of the way before you can move forward. This dream symbol could also be an indication of an upcoming larger amount Work or a Problem be that you have to work with great energy.

If the plants in the field have been harvested, this dream may also mean that you Driven could be imminent, which you may have brought about yourself through a mishap. Stalks of grain in a field as a dream image usually bring prosperity and security.

Mowing a field with a mowing machine often indicates favorable changes. If you work with a spade in a field, you will usually have to struggle.

Dream symbol “field” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological perspective, a dream about a field can mean many different things. Since the plants grown in a field, which the field supplies with nutrients to grow, are important foods, there is a connection to the dream interpretation fertility vicinity. Here your dream could perhaps show you that a fertile phase of life will soon begin for you – which can refer to both pregnancy or fatherhood and, in most cases, a successful period, for example through the acquisition of knowledge.

The interpretation of the dream symbol as a successful phase is particularly obvious when the field is planted and the plants are currently blooming or bearing fruit. Because here the seeds fulfilled their purpose and ensured a large yield.

With regard to pregnancy, the dream of the field is often seen as an archetype Motherhood understood – i.e. the desire to have a child and be a mother. Especially if the field in your dream is dry and even barren, you could long for a child or possibly one unfulfilling sex life leiden.

Dream symbol “field” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the focus when interpreting a dream that is about a field is, as mentioned several times above, on aspects of fertility. The dream image of the field is seen as the womb of Mother Earth and also symbolizes her Connection to nature.

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