Construction site – dream interpretation

Construction sites are omnipresent in our cities. Sometimes work has to be done underground, for example on the sewer system, sometimes road construction work makes it necessary to set up a construction site. New buildings are often built or old ones renovated, and the facades are sometimes equipped with scaffolding.

Unauthorized persons are generally not permitted access to construction sites; For safety reasons, larger construction sites in particular are cordoned off by fences and helmets are required. Bricklayers, carpenters, drywallers, roofers and glaziers, among others, work behind the barrier.

When someone dreams of a construction site, they may be impressed by the size of some equipment and construction vehicles. Perhaps he also perceives deep excavations in the ground or meter-high mountains of sand and gravel as a danger. Or dreams of living in a trailer. The details and their relationship to reality are important factors in dream interpretation.

Why does a construction site appear as a dream symbol? Some dreams with a construction site even appear more often than average – check out what they are below:

Dream symbol “construction site” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The dream of the construction site for a house

Try to remember: was the house built in the dream big or small? With a new house going big, hopes are nurtured on a grand scale. The dreamer imagines a rosy future with many castles in the air. Is that realistic? The construction site on a small house symbolizes the humble nature of the person concerned: he or she is satisfied with little. If you celebrated a topping-out ceremony under the gable while you were sleeping, this can indicate a new beginning. The groundbreaking ceremony for a new building in a new development area can usually herald a change.

An apartment becomes a construction site in a dream – oh dear!

Chaos in the apartment. In the dream, you suddenly find a construction site with a lot of rubble, dust and dirty equipment. What does that mean? In general dream interpretation, an apartment is interpreted as a symbol of the dreamer’s person. If there is a lot of chaos due to a construction site, your mental life is also correspondingly chaotic. Here it is important to find a little more peace again.

Dreaming of a construction site on a road

If the dreamer himself built the road, then this dream situation represents a signpost. You should try to remember where the road led in the dream: this destination provides information about which path is the best for your own future. If you just watch the construction work on the street, others are paving the way for you. They set the course, so to speak, for a possible path in life.

Dream symbol “construction site” – the general interpretation

A construction site means planning and the realization of ideas. According to traditional dream interpretation, the dream image is an indication that the dreamer is striving for changes in his life. He may want to restructure his job or his family life.

According to dream analysis, a construction site also symbolizes in a dream life plans as well as the construction of existence. The dreamer feels that he is currently able to grow beyond himself. However, the dream symbol can also be a warning against setting goals that are too high. The sleeper should not pursue overly positive ideas about the future and instead remain realistic.

In certain life situations, the dream symbol “construction site” sometimes also refers to working on your own personality. According to general dream analysis, the dream is a request to examine values, behavior and habits and, if necessary, improve them.

According to popular dream interpretation, the dream image signals that the dreamer is ready to embark on important undertakings. The construction site is to be understood as an announcement of a project with which a good profit can be achieved. The sleeper’s mental contribution to this goes far beyond the monetary benefits.

The question of what kind of building should be built on the construction site is also interesting for dream analysis. A big house pushes the equally big ones hopes of the dreamer for a happy future. However, the worries of everyday life often correspond to the height of the building in the dream. A small building, on the other hand, expresses modesty. In this context, the dream symbol “construction site” is a sign of the quick elimination of problems.

Dream symbol “construction site” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “construction site” is a symbol for the Creative design of one’s own life. The activities in the dream provide information about how successful the dreamer is in this area. Working quickly indicates good and steady life planning. If construction progresses slowly or not at all, the subconscious draws attention to obstacles.

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