Dilapidation – dream interpretation

When we describe a building as dilapidated, this means that due to damaged or rotten building structure, safe use or access to the property can no longer be guaranteed, as there is a massive risk of collapse. In most cases, the entire house needs to be completely renovated. However, it is not uncommon for the dilapidation to have progressed to such an extent that the property resembles a ruin and the only option is to demolish and rebuild the building.

Dilapidation can also be a theme in our dreams. The way in which this manifests itself can be very different, as dream interpretation shows using the following examples.

Dream symbol “dilapidation” – the general interpretation

If the dream image “dilapidation” is the central theme of our dreams, from the point of view of general dream interpreters, there is usually dissatisfaction behind it disarray in real life.

In dream interpretation, a building is also seen as a reflection of one’s own life construction. If this is now dilapidated, there may be something long overdue behind it change in your own life.

If parts of the house collapse in the dream situation, this warns the dreamer of misfortune discontent. Individually, you should try to remember what type of building it was:

Was it a church, a castle, a department store or even your own home? It can be very helpful for the dreamer to incorporate the aspects of these individual dream symbols into the dream analysis in order to be able to establish an even more precise connection between the dream and waking worlds.

Dream symbol “dilapidation” – the psychological interpretation

The dream image of “dilapidation” can also provide information about the psychological life of the dreaming person. For example, if a high-rise building is in disrepair, this can be a sign of Overwhelm be, which triggers a feeling of danger and threat in the dreaming person. He may be dealing with existential issues and plans that he would like to implement. However, he currently lacks sufficient stability to do this.

He should see this dream situation as a warning not to act hastily. It is important to create a solid basis beforehand, to protect yourself and to always have a plan B ready.

If there are people in a dilapidated property and you try to save them before everything collapses, this indicates a helpful and helpful person in the psychological interpretation of dreams attentive personality there. The dreaming person perceives other people’s worries and needs very sensitively.

Although this is a very valuable character trait, the person affected always runs Dangerto exceed your own limits. This is shown to him very impressively by the rescue attempt in his dream. Saving others is his top priority at this moment.

However, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that he is putting himself in danger or that it seems unimportant at the moment. In real life, this can mean that, despite your willingness to help, you always have to make sure you take good care of yourself. Continue to be the person you can rely on. But stay true to yourself, because there are always people who are yours Kindness want to shamelessly exploit.

Dream symbol “dilapidation” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, this is reflected for the dreamer fragility the human soul.

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